8 reasons why your car’s air conditioning isn’t working

September 19, 2014

On hot days, broken air conditioning can lead to sticky, unpleasant drives. Discover the problem and how to get it fixed, so you can get back to a cooler ride.
If your car doesn’t seem to blow cold air any more, there are several things that could be wrong with it. Once you have begin to pinpoint what the issue is, you’ll know what to expect when you take it to your mechanic so there are fewer surprises along the way.

Sticking to your seat? What’s likely wrong with your air conditioning
If you've been left sweaty and sticking to your car’s seats, here are some of the most frequent reasons why your air conditioning may have stopped working:

  1. Your A/C’s refrigerant needs to be recharged.
  2. Your radiator fan has stopped working—the fan unit or the wiring will need to be replaced.
  3. Your A/C is low on Freon or leaking Freon (a certain amount is necessary for operation).
  4. The compressor isn't properly engaging—your vehicle could be overheating as a result.
  5. Your “blend air door” could be drawing heat from your engine instead of cool air.
  6. You could have a clogged thermal expansion valve.
  7. Your drier could be damaged due to excessive amounts of dirt or moisture.
  8. Your A/C’s evaporator could be worn out.

When should you take it to a mechanic or do it yourself?
Most problems with your air conditioning system should be addressed by a certified, qualified mechanic. Depending upon how comfortable you are with cars, some things can be done yourself to avoid a repair. For example, you may be able to recharge your refrigerant or check for a Freon leak yourself. However, if you’ve tried to add refrigerant and your air conditioning still isn’t working, it may be time to take it to an expert.

Schedule an appointment at your local repair shop
Find a local repair shop and schedule a diagnostic appointment to determine why your car’s air conditioning isn't working. It may end up being a cheaper fix than you think. Remember, a car with a running air conditioning system typically results in happier, comfier drivers on the road.

8 reasons why your car’s air conditioning isn’t working
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