Top tips for kids’ brain balance and academic success

Why proper brain balance is essential for children's academic success

To give your children a better chance of success at school, they need to have good physical balance and functioning. This comes down to brain balance. These tips will help you help your child reach academic success.


Top tips for kids’ brain balance and academic success

Brain balance basics

The human brain, which is part of the central nervous system, needs both hemispheres working together to reach proper functioning and balance.
If the hemispheres of the brain are not in balance, issues often arise with motor skills, the digestive system and mental processing.
To help your child reach his or her full potential in school, it's important to make sure their brain is working to its full potential.


Balance of the brain

For a child to function properly and reach optimal health, brain balance is essential. Respected child physician experts in neuropsychology and neurobehavioural disorders have provided some suggestions to address the issue of brain imbalance: 

Get checked

To begin, get a diagnosis of the area of imbalance. There are plenty of physicians or psychologists able to assist in finding the source of imbalance. Keep the following in mind:

  • There are two hemispheres of the brain, which will be observed and tested for delay: the right and left hemispheres.
  • Right Hemisphere Delay - Difficulty with fine motor skills
  • Left Hemisphere Delay - Difficulty with writing and processing language
  • Having an imbalance within either hemisphere of the brain can create difficulties for a child's academic progression. 

Tips for brain balance

Once a diagnosis has been determined as to which side of the brain is experiencing delay, the next step includes methods to strengthen the weaker hemisphere, while working to promote stronger overall brain balance.
Experts have devised some exercises to help balance both sides of the brain. While there are many brain training exercises, the following training regiment is a great start when trying to balance out the brain's hemispheres:


Go cross-eyed

For this exercise hold a pen or pencil in front of the child's nose so that it requires the child to focus greatly. Next, slowly bring the object forward until the child indicates that he or she sees two objects. Finally, encourage the child to concentrate until they see only one pencil or pen.


Act like a circus and juggle

Juggling is a phenomenal exercise that offers brain balancing properties. Juggling requires an enormous amount of focus and motor skill coordination. Furthermore, juggling demands that the child concentrates on objects that travel over the child's centre line of gravity.

Praise the sun

As a low-impact exercise that provides many benefits physically, yoga demands a child to be fully within the moment and requires absolute concentration with precise movements and breathing techniques. The action of breathing enables oxygen to travel to the brain, which helps a child's brain receive a power up and workout at the same time.

Imagination station

Let your child's mind soar with imagination. Provide opportunities, whether verbally or in writing, encouraging the child to create vivid worlds of fantasy and fiction. This is a powerful activity to strengthening the brain's right hemisphere.

Easy tips to exercise brain balance

The provided activities are a wonderful starting point when trying to achieve brain balance in a child. By working with the provided strategies, over a period of time, both hemispheres of the brain will achieve a stronger balance, improving a child's functioning capacity overall.

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