Total body workouts: maximum results in less time

Total body workouts are the most efficient use of time and energy, since they combine strength building and cardio. Your body still uses that time you're not spending on that extra mile to refuel. Practice these workouts to see maximum results in less time.

Total body workouts: maximum results in less time

Total body workouts

There are different ways to get a full body workout. Plyometric exercises, using personal body weight and pairing muscle work and stretching are all ways to frame your total body workout.

Plyometric exercises

  • One example of a calorie-torching TBW combines plyometric exercises,"plyos," with personal body weight exercises.
  • Perform one round of plyos for five minutes, then one round of body weight exercises for five minutes.
  • Build up from one round of five minutes each, to two rounds of five minutes each, and end with one round of 10 minutes each.

What are plyos?

  • Plyos involve jumping and constant, quick movements for brief periods of time. Plyos target muscle fibres and help with speed and agility.
  • Try a combination of jumping jacks, high knees, squat jumps and double leg butt kicks. The body weight round can include push-ups (knees can come to the ground if ), tricep dips and lunges.
  • This exercise incorporates cardio through the jumping work in the plyos, as well as muscle building without weights or machines. Try for 45 minutes.

Interval Training and TRX

  • Another great way to get a TBW is to pair interval training with low-impact muscle work and stretching.
  • A TRX band is perfect for this. Interval training is an effective cardio approach because the heart burns more when it is forced to slow down and speed up. The TRX portion offers strength building, without the high-impact of plyos.
  • Try this: Brisk walk for one minute, accelerate to a jog for one minute and sprint for 90 seconds. Repeat. For the TRX, hold the handles and do 15 squats.
  • To target your core, maintain a plank position, with feet inserted into the black handles.
  • You may need to lower the TRX straps. Pike legs up and into your body. Repeat 15 times. Rotate between cardio intervals and TRX moves for 45 minutes.
  • TBWs will challenge your body to sweat, burn and turn fat into lean muscle. They accomplish the ultra-effective duo of cardio and strength.
  • Remember, these exercises maximize results while minimizing time but that doesn't mean minimal effort.
  • The more effort exerted during these 45 minutes, the more your body will continue to burn after the clock stops.
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