Transform your space with these garage renovation ideas

October 29, 2014

Are you looking to renovate your garage and turn it into a more functional space? Check out these garage renovation ideas for helpful tips to get you started.

Transform your space with these garage renovation ideas

Does your garage look like the aftermath of a tornado with tools, boxes and general debris strewn across the floor? Are you considering doing something about it but need some ideas and tips to get your started? From new cabinetry and flooring to the installation of organizational equipment, your options are limitless.

No basement? Take your man cave to the garage

You can turn your cluttered space into the ideal hangout spot with some basic planning. Are you thinking about installing a big screen TV, surround-sound stereo and comfortable seating? Keep in mind that moisture and extreme temperatures don’t mix well with electronics. The first things you should factor into your budget are waterproofing, wiring and heating/cooling options. Plan your wiring early to avoid potentially dangerous exposed wires. When furnishing, you might consider smaller items or those that can easily fold up and be put away when needed.

Start from the ground up

New flooring is one of the most common (and attractive) ways to renovate your garage. Are you looking to create that beautiful showroom feel? Do you simply want something to cover the floor? You might consider the following options:

  • Epoxy – creates that durable, good-looking surface you might find at an auto dealer
  • Paint – there are some paints designed for concrete floors that are affordable and easy to apply
  • Rigid or flexible floor tiles in rubber or plastic
  • Garage mat – the easiest way to transform your space. You can find mats in a range of styles and colours

If you plan to address the floor, you will need to determine if cracks need to be filled or stains removed before applying your new surface.

I just want to get my car in the garage!

For some of us, the goals of a garage renovation are a little simpler, like creating room to park a car. A little organization will go a long way. Along with your basic pegboard, there are other options for your walls, including sleek, attractive panels that can hold your tools, ladders and shelving. For your ceiling, you can use hooks but you might also consider larger, overhead storage units to hold plastic bins, boxes and other items.

Whatever route you decide to take for your garage renovation, it’s critical to make a plan and set a budget. Take the element of surprise out of the equation and know exactly what you’re getting into. Not sure if you can handle the job yourself? A reputable renovation business in your area should be able to give you a clear estimate on your home improvement project. Good luck and enjoy your new space!

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