Transporting your snowboard by plane, train or automobile

A snowboarding trip can be the highlight of your year, but transporting your board to your destination can be a challenge. Here are your best options for doing it right.

Transporting your snowboard by plane, train or automobile

Transporting your snowboard by vehicle

Research all your options at least a few weeks before your trip so you and your board, can get to your destination without delay. Things you'll need to transport your board by car include a carrying case or snowboard box, snowboard, roof rack and bubble wrap or foam padding. Buy a soft snowboard carrying case to protect your board and your vehicle. These bags are insulated with soft material to protect the edges of your snowboard. Look for a bag with straps and handles so it is easy to transport.

See if you can put your snowboard inside your vehicle. Snowboards fit inside almost all trucks and vans. If you drive a car, see if your seats will fold down to extend the size of your trunk. Remember to consider how many people are travelling in your car with you, how much luggage they have, and then finally, how many snowboards you need to transport.

If you can’t fit your snowboard safely inside your vehicle because of space limitations or you are travelling with a couple of people, you can also put a roof rack on top of your vehicle. On most roof racks, you will be able to place your snowboard flat on the rack and then strap it in place. Your local snowboard shop will be able to recommend the best roof rack for your vehicle.

Transporting your snowboard by boat, train or plane

Before you go, insure your snowboard in case it is lost or damaged in transit. Make sure you insure the total cost of your board, including bindings, deck and any extra gear in your snowboard case.

Snowboard shops will often have old snowboard boxes that will make your snowboard virtually indestructible. If you want absolute peace of mind, instead of packing your snowboard in a carrying case, pack it in a professional snowboard box. Measure your snowboard to determine its length and width. Make sure you factor in the height of bindings (measure to the bottom of the snowboard). Then research your mode of transportation and see what their luggage restrictions are, and if there are any fees for bringing oversized items.

Shipping your snowboard

Pack your snowboard inside a professional snowboard box or a padded snowboard bag. Wrap your entire snowboard in bubble wrap or foam padding before placing it inside the box or bag. If the bag has handles, wrap duct tape or packing tape around the bag to secure the handles to the bag. This will prevent them from catching on something during travel.

Take your packed snowboard to a couple different shipping stores and get shipping quotes. Pick the option that works the best for your budget and timeline. Don't forget to insure your snowboard in case it is lost or damaged in transit.

Once it ships, get a tracking number so you can keep an eye on your snowboard’s whereabouts. If the snowboard arrives at your destination before you do, make sure you have made arrangements to have it stored at your hotel or shipping centre. If you can ship it well in advance of your trip, you will save yourself a lot of money in rush fees.

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