3 vacations you should still book with a travel agent

November 6, 2014

Though most of us tend to turn to the computers these days when booking a trip, there are some occasions when a travel agent is a better bet. Here are some examples of when going with a travel agent may be the best move.

3 vacations you should still book with a travel agent

1. Group travel

If you are travelling as part of a group, imagine trying to coordinate 10 or 15 separate itineraries, lodging, food and transportation. Using a travel professional is a must in these circumstances. They will be able to expertly coordinate large numbers, and will have the right contacts to call upon should anything go awry in the planning.

2. International travel

Travelling to locations such as China or India can become a little more complicated than your standard booking. There are visas, requirements for immunization, vast cultural and language differences and the simple challenge of getting around and enjoying yourself. You will almost certainly need a local guide and means of transportation. A travel agent will be able to give you hands-on assistance with all of the paperwork as well as advice on how to spend your leisure time.

3. Uncertain travel plans

If you are planning a beach vacation but don't know where you want to go, talking to a travel agent may be a good idea. The agent can suggest the various choices and advise which may be best suited to your needs. Similarly, if you would just like to get away and don't have a particular destination in mind, a travel professional can look into the best current deals, which may help you make your destination.

How to choose a travel agent

When choosing a travel agent, begin by talking to your friends and business colleagues, or ask what agencies your employers use. Agents should be accredited members of the ACTA (Association of Canadian Travel Agents). Hone in on their expertise, and perhaps check online for any reviews of their agency. There will be agents who are cruise experts and agents who specialize in international travel. Don't be afraid to shop around or ask for references. Think of any agent you talk to as a potential partner in your future travel plans. If they don't take the time to get to know you, they probably won't be a good fit.

Follow these tips when choosing a travel agent to make your next trip the best experience possible.

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