Tricks to keep your shoes in tip-top shape

June 30, 2015

Tricks to keep your shoes in tip-top shape

Bubble wrap for good form

You don't need expensive shoe trees to keep your shoes in good form — bubble wrap will do the trick. Here's how:

  1. Cut two pieces small enough to roll up and fit into your shoes and boots.
  2. When packing a suitcase for a trip, remove the bubble wrap and stuff panty hose or socks inside the shoes to retain their shape and free up space in the suitcase.
  3. Now wrap the bubble wrap around the shoes so they won't dirty your clean clothes. True double duty!

Serving spoon shoehorn

  • Cinderella's stepsisters struggled to fit their feet into the glass slipper, but you needn't do the same if you find yourself without a shoehorn.
  • Take an oblong-shaped serving spoon from the kitchen and place your heel into the bowl of the spoon as you work your foot into the shoe.

Instant shoeshine

  • You don't need to buy special shoe polish to get the shine you want on leather shoes.
  • Just put a few drops of baby oil, olive oil or even castor oil on the dull-looking leather and buff with a soft cloth.
  • You'll not only have shiny shoes again, but softer ones, too.
  • These oils lubricate the leather, softening stiff spots and creases. They also work on patent leather and leather boots, jackets, handbags, belts and briefcases.

High-heeled wrinkles

  • They're the smart high-heel shoes you splurged on and they still look as good as new — except for the ugly scrunched-up leather along the heel.
  • Fix them yourself with a hair dryer and leather glue.
  • Put your hair dryer on its warm setting and direct the air to the heel.
  • The warmth will soften both the remaining original glue and the leather, allowing you to smooth the leather out from top to bottom.
  • Glue down any loose edges and you're ready for more high stepping!

Cover up spots with a marker

If your dark shoes are scuffed and you have no time to polish, pick a permanent marker that's a close match to the shoe colour and "mark the spot," so to speak.

Sock it to your shoes

  • Perhaps the worst thing about giving your bedroom a new coat of paint is the drips that splatter on your shoes, despite your best efforts to do the job neatly.
  • A simple solution is to slip a pair of old socks over your shoes as protection. Then save the newly colourful socks for your next paint job.

Not-so plain Janes

  • If you have a pair of plain Mary Janes, slip-on ballet shoes or plain heels, why not dress them up with a pair of big clip-on costume earrings that you don't wear anymore?
  • The extra colour or dazzle may be just the touch of glamour you want for that New Year's Eve party — no need to buy a something new!

You'll be stepping high with these great tips and tricks to help keep your shoes lasting a long time.

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