Trusted tips on choosing a musical instrument by personality type

November 3, 2015

Playing a musical instrument can be a satisfying and enriching pursuit. Not sure which one you’d like to learn? These tips will help you match your unique personality with an instrument that’s sure to be a great fit.

Trusted tips on choosing a musical instrument by personality type


One of the primary personality differences among people is introversion versus extroversion. Introverts tend to be cerebral, thoughtful and less inclined to be overtly social.

Certain instruments lend themselves to this type of personality. If you tend to be inwardly focused, the following instruments are great candidates:

  • Acoustic guitar
  • Bass guitar
  • Cello
  • Piano
  • Oboe
  • Xylophone

These are instruments that can be played on their own without the need to be involved in a band. Introverted people may find it more rewarding to play an instrument that they can focus on individually without worrying about the social interaction with other people or the drama that can come with being in a band, orchestra or other type of musical group.

If you love to sing but are an introvert, you might consider joining a choir, choosing work as a backup vocalist, or becoming a session musician.

Left-brained individuals

The left-brained individual tends to be precise and analytical; these qualities lend themselves to classical music and progressive rock styles.

An introverted person who is more left-brained and analytical will also likely enjoy these elements of playing an instrument:

  • Learning to read music
  • Composing your own original pieces on the computer
  • Sticking to musical formulas and formats that are almost mathematical in nature


Extroverts love being the centre of attention, and this personality type tends to take music from the realm of the composer to the brightly-lit world of the performer.

An extrovert will likely thrive with instruments that have primary parts and are great contributors to a musical group, orchestra or band.

The extroverted musician would do well playing any of these instruments:

  • Electric guitar
  • Keyboards
  • Drums/percussion
  • Violin
  • Trumpet
  • Flute
  • Saxophone
  • Accordion
  • Concertina
  • Tuba

The biggest extroverts of all often forgo a physical instrument altogether and opt to use their voice. Extroverts make excellent lead singers, crooners and solo vocalists.

Right-brained individuals

If you’re right-brained and creative, you’ll probably do well in an improv setting. Jazz is famously improvisational, and the blues also allow for a lot of latitude for musicians to take lengthy solos.

Whatever your personality type, there’s a musical instrument out there that’ll be the perfect match. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, head to a music store and give a few instruments a try. The owner should be able to help you make an educated decision. Before you know it you’ll be on your way to taking up a rewarding and enjoyable hobby.

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