Turn your patio into an outdoor kitchen

November 3, 2015

Turn your patio into an outdoor kitchen

Here are some tips to turn your patio into a lovely outdoor kitchen area where you can also entertain.

Turn your patio into an outdoor kitchen

Add a dining table

First things first; your outdoor area should have seating and a table for dining. You can do this in a variety of ways, from adding a formal dining table and chairs to having cafe seating or an all-weather couch with a coffee table. That way guests will have a place to sit and mingle and also enjoy whatever you are cooking up in the kitchen.

Include a gas grill

A gas grill is a great addition to your patio that will enable you to cook up a variety of dazzling dishes for your guests. Invest in a grilling station that can be kept outside year-round and has a number of different settings to allow you to cook as many wonderful recipes as your heart desires. It's a good idea to keep a gas grill underneath an awning or some other type of overhead protection in order to protect it from the weather. Most will come with a heavy cover that you can keep over your gas grill during the winter as well.

Install a basin sink

One thing every kitchen needs is a practical sink. Installing a deep basin sink in your kitchen will ensure that you don't have to run back and forth inside in order to wash your hands or clean cooking utensils. You can keep it small but functional. It's best to use high-grade stainless steel for outdoor sinks to prevent rusting and weather damage.

Use the classic kitchen triangle design

You should keep the cook in mind when designing your outdoor kitchen, whether that will be you or someone else. Plan on having enough counter space to give yourself room to chop up ingredients, place various bowls and dishes, and whatever else your plans are while cooking. It's also nice to open up the kitchen in a triangle design so that the cook will feel like a part of the party instead of being blocked off in a separate area.

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