Which wedding gown colour is right for you?

January 29, 2015

Which wedding gown colour is right for you?
  • The traditional white wedding gown dates back to 1840 when Queen Victoria donned the shade during her nuptials to Prince Albert.
  • Prior to her trendsetting display, brides typically wore bright, vivid colours like fuchsia and red to symbolize joy and good fortune.
  • White, conversely, was reserved for funerals. Recent colour trends eclipse the standard ivory staple and make an unconventional and stunning wedding gown selection for a creative bride.


  • What other colour can bring literal meaning to the term "blushing bride?"
  • This romantic, ethereal shade is the picture of youth; it adds the slightest bit of colour to an otherwise pale palette.
  • This is the ideal shade for the bride who wants to add a bit of feminine playfulness added to a traditional setting.

Mint and olive

  • Earthy shades of green like mint and olive blend well into a wedding scene; they mimic nature and accentuate floral accessories.
  • Chosen in glossy fabrics like silk, both hues work especially well with stunning gold and silver metallic accents.

Dove grey

  • A classic neutral, dove grey offers a softer, more feminine appearance than its charcoal counterparts.
  • It also works on both cool and warm complexions. This airy colour blends well with silver or gold jewellery and it provides an excellent backdrop for jewelled accents or colour pop accessories.

Baby blue

  • Something borrowed, something blue — why not incorporate the wedding dress itself? Baby blue is a delicate shade that works incredibly well with a variety of different skin tones.
  • This colour is surprisingly traditional; the range of hues allows the bride to either have a hint of blue notes under a layer of tulle or a solid pastel gown in a vibrant robin's egg shade.


  • Warm, rich colours such as citrine and mustard stand out from the crowd and thrust the bride onto centre stage.
  • Combined with fabrics like charmeuse, this lively and unconventional colour looks vintage-inspired while pastel versions, like daffodil, work well with airy tulle and chiffon fabric selections.

Cherry red

  • Red is the colour of passion, so its presence on the big day is more than welcome. A bride in this bold, vibrant hue is not afraid to be the centre of attention.
  • Poppy reds work on practically every skin tone while shades of burgundy offer a more conservative feel.

The most important thing to remember is that you don't have to stick to white. Choose a tone that fits you and your wedding.

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