4 solar-powered camping gadgets

On your next camping trip, take advantages of the sun's rays by using some of these solar-powered camping gadgets.

4 solar-powered camping gadgets

1. Solar-powered flashlight

Use a dual-source solar flashlight by simply exposing it to five hours of full sunlight.

  • Take advantage of the sun during the day to charge a number of flashlights for nighttime.
  • If the sun isn't shining, you can also charge your flashlight using a car adapter.
  • A flashlight is a must-have on camping trips, and by having a solar-powered device, you're sure to never run out of light.

2. Portable solar chargers

Attach a portable, solar charger to your backpack to generate power and charge your mobile devices while you’re roughing it.

  • Generally speaking, just one hour of direct sunlight can offer up to three hours of talk time on your phone.
  • Expose your charger to the sun for seven hours and consider it fully recharged.
  • These chargers are great for keeping your phone charged in an emergency if you need to call for assistance while on the trail, or you simply want to stay in touch.
  • Keep in mind that there isn't always cell phone service in the wild, so no matter how charged your phone is, it might not work.

3. A solar-powered shortwave radio

If you're going to be roughing it out in the wild, a shortwave radio will help keep you in communication, even if you're outside of regular radio services.

  • This device can be your best friend to keep you ahead of storm warnings, especially if you're planning to spend time out on the water.

4. Solar water purifiers

There are several types of water purifiers that come with a solar charging case.

  • Find your nearest fresh-water source and purify up to 16 ounces of water at just the push of a button. It can take as little time as 50 seconds.
  • Water purifiers are great to have on hand if your hike takes longer than you thought or your bottled water gets spilled.

Before even thinking about getting into the car, take advantage of the sun by placing your solar-powered equipment outside. That way, you’ll be all charged up prior to heading out.

With all these gadgets that can be powered by the sun, you're in for a bright camping trip.

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