Use your food as a medicine to fight disease

For thousands of years, people of different cultures have been conscious of the relationship between food and health. Modern nutritional science is now confirming this link. We'll teach you how what you eat can keep you healthy.

Use your food as a medicine to fight disease

Discover new research

  • Scientists have begun identifying an army of disease-fighting nutrients called phytochemicals. These are the compounds responsible for the brilliant colour and distinct flavour and aroma of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • According to ongoing research, some phytochemicals may protect the DNA in cells from damage and stimulate the body's immune system.
  • Other phytochemicals can help balance hormone levels, reducing the risk of hormone-related conditions and cancers, including the negative symptoms of menopause.
  • A vast number of phytochemicals also function as antioxidants, which neutralize the harmful free radicals that play a role in the onset of degenerative diseases.

Learn the importance of whole foods

  • The best way to acquire phytochemicals is to consume a diverse array of foods.
  • Just as the phytochemicals in a particular food can combat disease and enhance well-being, so to can phytochemicals from many foods work together to promote good health.
  • It also appears that fibre, vitamins, minerals, and other substances in food may enhance and regulate the actions of phytochemicals. Eating a variety of different foods ensures that you'll get these nutrients.

Find out what the future holds

  • Current studies are still identifying beneficial substances and how they behave in the human body. Researchers hope to discover how certain foods can influence complex aspects of human health, including mood, memory, longevity, and immune responsiveness.
  • The science of nutrition is allowing us to understand how a food's chemical properties (its nutrients, organic compounds, phytochemicals, and micro­­nutrients) all work to prevent disease.

We now know more about food, health, and nutrition than we ever have before. And every year, researchers are learning more. Who knows how many more healing plant compounds are still waiting to be discovered? Reap the benefits of this ongoing research by consuming more fruits and vegetables, and try to ingest as wide a variety of phytochemicals as you can. It just might lead to a healthier, happier you.

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