Useful tips for growing thyme in your garden

There are an incredible number of species of aromatic thyme, with various fragrances, flavours and culinary and medicinal, mystical and magical uses. Here are some useful facts.

Useful tips for growing thyme in your garden

1. Description

Other common names: farigoule, tomillo, frigoule, pote

Parts used: leaves, flowering tops

  • The types of thyme that are cultivated are often varieties of complex hybrids, the names of which give rise to confusion.
  • Their robustness varies, but they are all perennial plants and sub-shrubs, with closely spaced branches that need sun and, for the most part, take the form of a creeper or shrub.
  • The majority are small plants that easily grow along the front of a border or in the nooks and crannies of paths and paving.
  • They are very happy in pots and can withstand drought. Flowering thyme is a honey plant and attracts many bees.

2. Useful information

  • Location: well-drained soil and sun are needed.
  • Propagation: to grow this species, plant in the spring time. Take cuttings in the summer. It is advised to divide floor and wall creeper species of thyme in the spring time.
  • Care: weed regularly. Propagate shrub speciesevery three or four years when they have too many branches and become less productive. In winter, consider removing the leaves of deciduous plants that have fallen on the thyme to stop the foliage from rotting.
  • Pests and diseases: too much moisture rots the roots and foliage.
  • Harvest and storage: pick thyme sprigs at any time to use them fresh. Pick the flower sprigs to dry in bouquets or flat on trays, out of directlight. Once dry, remove the leaves and store them in jars. Dried thyme retains its flavour well.

Now that you have a better idea as to how to grow your own thyme, you'll be incorporating it into your life all the time!

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