Vehicle insurance reimbursement and damaged roads

November 6, 2014

If poor road conditions have damaged your vehicle, here's how to figure out whether or not you're covered!

Getting back on the road as soon as possible is the primary goal for drivers with a broken-down or disabled car. Determining what your insurance will offer to help pay for repairs will help you budget for the resulting bills.

Vehicle insurance reimbursement and damaged roads

Damage from accidents

Damage from accidents caused by poor road conditions is typically covered if you carry collision insurance. This optional coverage extends to your vehicle, instead of being limited to the injuries or vehicle damage suffered by another driver. The exact amount that will be reimbursed depends on your insurance coverage levels. You'll be expected to pay your deductible, which varies by policy, but can amount to $1,000 or more.

The amount reimbursed also depends on the maximum amount allowed under your insurance policy. Minimums for this coverage typically start at $5,000. If the damage to the vehicle exceeds the coverage, you will be required to pay the difference.

Gradual damage caused by poor road conditions

Costs for damage that is caused by roads that are not well-maintained by the government may be more difficult to get reimbursed for. The fact that the damage is done over time means there is no definitive event you can point to when trying to file a claim with your insurance provider.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely your insurance company will agree to offer reimbursement in this situation. However, drivers do have the option to file a claim with the government. The municipality in charge of maintaining the roads associated with the damage may be held liable for repair costs. You should be aware that filing a claim against a governing body can be a lengthy and often fruitless pursuit whose costs may exceed the amount you would pay to repair the car damage yourself.

Where to start when a car is damaged

While you may not have coverage for some types of damage caused by poor road conditions, it is still recommended that you contact your insurance provider when it occurs. Insurance representatives will be able to explain your coverage to you and guide you through the process of filing a claim if the damage is indeed covered by your policy.

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