Volunteering on a time crunch

November 3, 2015

Volunteering on a tight schedule

Few things warm the heart more than helping others.  Studies show that volunteers are more confident, less depressed and more physically active than their peers. There are plenty of ways for even the busiest person to fit volunteering into their schedule.

Volunteering on a time crunch


Even the busiest people manage to break for lunch at least once a week. As a volunteer, you can pack a lot of giving into your lunch hour. Consider volunteering at a local school to tutor or read with academically struggling students. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada also offers various mentoring opportunities where you'll be paired with a disadvantaged child or family. The time commitment for an in-school mentor is just one hour per week during the school year. Even the busiest individual can escape for an hour a week to volunteer!

Volunteer 911

Even dependable regular volunteers have timing conflicts now and again. Contact agencies that you're interested in assisting and ask them to place you on their substitute and emergency lists. You may not be able to commit to serving dinner to the homeless every Monday at 5 p.m., but you can probably arrange to pinch hit in a crunch and pick up a few shifts during their busiest times of year. Even if you're only an occasional volunteer for an organization, when you're there, you'll know that they truly need you.

Volunteer from home

Many volunteers savour the rewards of volunteering in a one-on-one scenario. If you are drawn to a cause and want to help in any way, think outside the box for volunteer opportunities that aren't time sensitive. Many non-profits rely heavily on fundraising, so consider donating your time and talents to this important cause. You can even stuff fundraising packets in the comfort of your home.

You can also assemble care packages for the needy, fill out holiday cards for the troops, and lend your programming expertise to the cause, all on your own schedule.

Foster an animal

If furry friends are your passion, consider volunteering as a pet foster mom or dad. Many pet rescue groups need caring individuals to foster homeless pets until they are adopted. The rewards are great and you can do it from home.

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