Want to surprise someone? Consider flower delivery.

February 6, 2014

Flower delivery is a convenient solution if you want to surprise someone, or help celebrate an occasion outside your hometown. Here's what you need to know before ordering.

Where you want, when you want

In addition to saving you time, flower delivery can be carried out at practically any time of day and to any location—home, office, hotel, conference, or church. With flower delivery, there are no lost or damaged parcels to worry about; every bouquet or floral arrangement is delivered with care, hand-delivered, in person.

Freshness is of the essence

Using a florist right in your neighbourhood (or one in the neighbourhood of the recipient) ensures the freshness of the flowers and encourages the economy.

A delivery for every occasion

Sure, flowers are de rigeur for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day, but other occasions that merit flower delivery are abundant. Send flowers for any of the following occasions, and you won’t quickly be forgotten:

  • Weddings, if you’re unable to attend;
  • Births and baptisms;
  • Award ceremonies or galas;
  • Marriage proposals or wedding anniversaries;
  • convalescence
  • Christmas time
  • just to say “I love you”

The five promises of a florist

While some clients take the time to stop in at the florist’s to personally choose an arrangement, others prefer to entrust the choice to the florist with a budget as guide. This might be because they lack the time to do it themselves, or because the bouquet’s recipient lives far away. In the latter case, the flower delivery can be arranged with a florist in that locale.

Here are the five promises that a qualified florist must respect so as to create a relationship of trust with a flower delivery client.

  1. Blend the colours tastefully.
  2. Target the message the client wishes to convey by choosing the appropriate variety and colour of flowers.
  3. Respect the client’s budget by offering value for price.
  4. Create a unique customized bouquet.
  5. Honour the time of delivery.

From bouquet creation to flower delivery, a florist is your accomplice in sending simple moments of joy to people who deserve them.

Want to surprise someone? Consider flower delivery.
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