Warm from head to toe: what to look for in skiing gear

December 13, 2015

If you've ever been skiing before you know it doesn't take long to feel winter's icy chill as you zoom down runs. So, whether you need a waterproof, breathable jacket or comfy ski pants, here's what to look for in skiing gear to keep you toasty all day long.

Warm from head to toe: what to look for in skiing gear

Comfortable, breathable coat

When you're looking for a good coat to wear on the slopes, it's important that it be warm and comfortable. But you'll also want something that will breathe so that you don't overheat.

  • Look for a jacket that is waterproof, offers protection from the wind, and has some sort of vent system.
  • A hood is an added bonus on any coat since it can work with your hat to keep your head and ears extra warm.
  • Just make sure that any hooded coat you buy lets you control the tightness of the hood — getting a loose hood snagged on a tree branch or other obstacle while moving at high speeds could result in serious injury.

Warm, pliable gloves

Nothing is worse than cold hands while on the slope. A good pair of gloves can solve this problem.

  • When you're out skiing having the full use of your hands is essential, so you should avoid bulky gloves that can make it difficult to grip a ski pole.
  • Instead, look for skintight winter gloves (and, if it's in your budget, go for a pair that's made from sweat-wicking fabric).

Since you might need to use your phone while you're out skiing, you should also consider touchscreen-friendly gloves.

  • These gloves usually have fingertips made from material that allows you to use your phone's touchscreen even with them on.

If you'll need extra warmth, then you should look for heated gloves.

  • These gloves are usually made from flexible heat panels, and are rechargeable.
  • They also usually have a few different heat settings to help you stay comfortably warm.
  • If you decide to go with heated gloves, just be sure to look for a pair that's waterproof and windproof. That way, the snow and your speed won't cause them to stop working in the middle of a run.

Snow pants

When it comes to snow pants for skiing, the baggy kind you wore out on the playground as a kid are not ideal.

  • Instead, you should look for a pair of snow pants that are lightweight and breathable. It's important that these pants keep you warm and insulated, while not restricting your range of motion.
  • As an extra, you should also consider getting a pair of snow pants that are a brighter colour or covered in a reflective fabric. That way, even in bad weather, you'll be highly visible.

Boot heaters

Cold, wet feet can quickly end a skier's day. However, with a good set of boot heaters, you can keep your feet warm even if you're out all day.

  • When it comes to picking a set of boot heaters, you should keep an eye on how long they'll last at a single charge.
  • You should also pay attention to how they'll fit inside your boot. Some are more or less universal, while other models are designed with specific boot sizes in mind.
  • Some boot heaters even include a pocket-sized remote. This added feature allows you to adjust the warmth of your feet without removing your boots!

If you're planning to try skiing this winter for the first time, or just want to upgrade some of your equipment, keep these ideas in mind. They'll help you have fun– and stay toasty warm– out on the slopes.

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