Ways to save on shopping for Thanksgiving dinner

November 3, 2015

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to get together with friends and family and give thanks for your blessings. However, cooking a big meal for everyone can get expensive, from the turkey to the numerous side dishes required to fill everyone up. Don't let the stress of spending detract from your ability to give thanks for all you have on this holiday. Instead, read on to find some tips to help you save money when shopping for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Ways to save on shopping for Thanksgiving dinner

1. Shop in advance

Many farms and local food vendors will offer special deals on Thanksgiving specials if you purchase them far in advance. You can order ingredients for sides, main courses, desserts and more a month or two ahead of time, and many places will offer discounts when you pay upfront.

Try reaching out to different bakeries to place an order for pies and pastries or to local farms to reserve a Cornish hen or turkey ahead of time. You'll be more likely to score big savings if you plan ahead.

2. Hold a potluck

One great way to save on your grocery expenses for Thanksgiving is to hold a potluck. With potlucks, each guest brings a certain dish, so the table is full of food without one person footing the whole bill. You can volunteer to do the main dish and ask your guests to brings sides, desserts and beverages to round out the selections. When everyone chips in, everyone wins, and you'll get more variety this way as well.

3. Keep things simple

Of course, you want your guests to have a great time and enjoy their meals. But that doesn't mean you have to be a master chef and use the most expensive ingredients in the supermarket. Just keep things simple. Thanksgiving is about spending time with your loved ones, after all; guests will focus on the time together more than the food.

4. Try boxed wine

Alcoholic beverages might be the biggest expense on your list. Bottles of wine can quickly add up, but boxed wine is often less expensive. Many wine manufacturers sell high quality boxed wine too. You'll save money and keep guests' bottomless glasses refilled.

Thanksgiving dinner doesn't have to be expensive. Follow these tips to keep your holiday dinner affordable, so you can focus on the holiday instead of worrying about your budget.

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