Well done: Canada’s 10 best steak houses

January 24, 2017

by Julie Bruns

A juicy, perfectly done cut of steak, paired with a glass of good wine served up in a comfortable setting is more than a meal, it’s an experience. And across Canada there’s no shortage of fine steak houses bringing you exactly this experience, each with their own twist, of course. Without further ado, here are the best spots in Canada to order up a steak dinner. [Image credit: iStock.com/tbralnina]

Well done: Canada’s 10 best steak houses

La Queue de Cheval - Montreal, QC

At La Queue, they know their meat, and are excited to help you get to know it too. The raw steaks are brought out to your table for your approval before they head to the kitchen to be cooked and adorned with spices and hand-made sauces.

Moishes - Montreal, QC

Around for more than seven decades, Moishes has had plenty of time to become one of the best steak spots in Canada, and they’ve done just that, plating tender cuts of meat prepared with central European influences. Go all out and order their velvety tender filet mignon.

295 York (Carne), Winnipeg, MB

You can tell that Carne’s a place that will serve up a mean steak when its name literally means “meat” in Italian. Their dishes have a flavourful Italian influence, and a mixologist is on hand to prep a perfectly paired drink with your meal.

Michael's on Simcoe - Toronto, ON

If you’re looking for an ultimate splurge steak spot, you’ll find it at Michael’s on Simcoe. Intense attention goes into their steak dishes, from the source, to the cut, to the cooking, and the tastes reflect this.

The Shore Club - Toronto, ON and Ottawa, ON

Locations in both Toronto and Ottawa let you enjoy the mouth-watering variety of cuts The Shore Club offers. The menu also features a delicious variety of seafood, which is perfect if anyone isn’t sure they feel like steak (Though once they arrive and see the steak...they’ll probably feel like steak.)

Black & Blue Steakhouse - Vancouver BC

The perfect place to impress your date, this elegant steakhouse prides itself on its contemporary, urban feel. Head up to their roof seating area to take your dinner to new heights, and dig into one of the Canadian Prime cuts or Japanese Wagyu dishes.

Cut Steakhouse - Halifax, NS

You’ll find the Cut Steakhouse on the second level of the Cut restaurant. Below, more casual burger fare is served up, but upstairs, you’re venturing into fine dining territory. A sommelier will pair your meal with a glass of vino as you await mouth-watering Angus steaks.

Gotham Steakhouse - Vancouver, BC

A steak spot fit for Batman, Gotham boasts an elegant yet comfortably inviting setting in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Their well-stocked cocktail bar boasts an expansive variety of drinks to pair with the tender Alberta steaks.

Lux Steakhouse - Edmonton, AB

It’s hard to beat Alberta steak, especially the ones they serve up at Lux. Their dry-aged, hormone and antibiotic-free beef has been carefully sourced from a local Alberta ranch. When as much care goes into a steak as goes into these ones...well, you can just taste it.

Vintage Chophouse & Tavern - Calgary, AB

Calgary is renowned for cattle ranching, and Vintage Chophouse shows off the best part of this ranch heritage: the huge, juicy steaks (served up alongside an array of seriously tempting side dishes) are truly a spectacle to behold – and then eat.

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