What are the different types of massage devices?

December 12, 2014

It's been a long day and your neck aches. Do you know there are different types of massage devices to relieve muscle pain and strains ? Here are some you can use at home to loosen up those knots of tension.

What are the different types of massage devices?

A little bit of massage therapy can help relax or relieve muscle pain and strains. But you don’t necessarily have to visit a practitioner to get all the benefits. In the comfort of your own home, you can use a massager to relax your muscles and loosen up all those knots of tension. So, what are the different types of massage devices available?

The best massagers for head-to-toe relaxation

There is a wide variety of massagers on the market, all of which allow you to give yourself a daily massage wherever you need it most. To help you find out what different types of massage appliances are most suitable, we should first distinguish the two categories: electric massage devices and manual massage devices.

  • The range of electric products extends from portable neck massagers to heated and vibrating foot baths and personal anti-cellulite massagers. And in between the two categories there are cushions, seats, chairs and mattresses that are made for muscle relaxation.
  • Several manual massagers have received good marks from the public over the years. One of them is a head massager with flexible bead-tipped stems that caress the scalp. This easy-to-use instrument allows you to gently reach all the sensitive pressure points distributed on top of and around your head. The result is a delightful thrill that travels throughout your body, bringing almost immediate relaxation and even headache relief.

Other self-massaging instruments also remain popular:

  • wooden massaging beads and massage rollers
  • infrared personal massagers
  • wooden ball foot-massagers

Manual massage tools are an efficient way to experience an extraordinary feeling of well-being. The biggest advantage? These appliances can be used solo or with a partner.

Affordable and wonderful

Whichever different types of massage appliances you may be interested in, you don’t necessarily have to empty your pocketbook to find one that will make you feel better and get rid of your tension. With regular targeted use, even the most modest massage instrument can accomplish veritable miracles. Nevertheless, if you’re eyeing a vibrating chair or mattress, you’d be better off choosing a multifunctional appliance that offers various settings for the intensity of vibration and heat. Expect prices to vary, depending on whether there are extras, such as a timer or wireless remote control.

An original gift

A massage appliance makes a lovely gift. It’s an innovative way to demonstrate how much you care for the health and the well-being of your loved ones. And, of course, a session with a professional massage therapist is always a good choice for anyone wishing to relax without having to lift a finger.

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