5 different pest control products to protect your home

December 23, 2014

Want to protect your home? Learn about the various kinds of pest control products on the market.

5 different pest control products to protect your home

When it comes to keeping your home clear of pests and insects, it pays to know the various kinds of pest control products that are out there on the market. They all work differently to rid the pests from your home, and also work on different kinds of pests. Knowing the types of pest control products can help you develop a good defensive strategy for keeping your home infestation-free for years to come.

1. Biological pest control

One of the most commonly used pest control products includes biological pest control. This is the use of an agent that controls and manages the population of predators and parasites around your home in order to restrict them from growing. For example, nematodes can be introduced into the soil around your home in order to rid the surrounding area of termites. These biological pest control methods are capable of eliminating a pest without causing any serious harm to the environment.

2. Poisoned bait

Another type of pest control product to use is poisoned bait. It's a common method that eliminates rat populations, termites, ants, and many other pests. Poisoned bait attracts the invading pest to ingest the substance, thereby killing its numbers. However, this can have a negative effect, since many pests may realize that this food source is poisoned and will start to avoid it altogether. Combining poisoned bait with other methods is usually recommended.

3. Traps

Traps are commonly used as one of the main types of pest control products. Rat traps and live traps are both used for much larger pests such as mice, rodents, raccoons, or possums. Some traps will kill on contact while others keep the animal alive, allowing you to remove them from your property in a more humane way.

4. Chemical repellants

Chemical repellents are intended for both large pests as well as insects to keep them away from your yard or certain areas of your home. Typically, these are specific chemicals, whether natural or artificial, that deter certain animals and bugs. By applying these chemicals to the perimeter of your home, you can prevent insects and animals from invading. It's one of the very useful types of pest control products that can last for a very long time.

5. Pesticides

Pesticides kill pests outright, lowering their populations until they're all dead. However, it can be difficult to tell if the pest numbers have been completely eradicated without careful inspection. The downside of using pesticides is that they're quite toxic, and require very careful handling in order to prevent poisoning.

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