3 reasons why everyone needs to know a reputable jeweller

November 26, 2014

Although we entrust them with our most valuable possessions, often we don't give them a second thought: here are threereasons why everyone needs to know a reputable jeweller.
Jewellery, silverware, watch-making: one trade has so many specialties. Whether they are of a commercial, technical or artistic nature, the various services offered by jewellers are essential and appreciated. So why should you know a reputable jeweller?

1. They craft beautiful creations

Did you know that several craftspeople may have worked on the ring, bracelet, broach or earrings you love to wear? Jewellers, silversmiths and gem-setters often collaborate to create your favorite jewelry. These master artisans offer many different services, such as designing and repairing costume jewelry and unique luxury pieces. And when the time comes to pop the question, who will you turn to for the perfect engagement ring?

2. They provide emergency services

Whatever the problem may be — a worn-thin wedding band, an outdated broach or an heirloom necklace that’s missing a few pearls—your jeweller can fix anything. If it’s made of platinum, gold, silver or another precious metal, a jeweller can remodel a ring, restore a pendant or even restring your pearls—often leaving no signs that your favorite piece of jewellery was once in distress. Those are just some of the various services offered by jewellers.

3. They help keep you on schedule

As a master of both tradition and innovation, your jeweller may also be qualified to inspect your watches and clocks. Sports watches and luxury watches, wind-up or digital quartz: any jeweller who provides watchmaker services can fix them all. You can have a watch bracelet changed or repaired, a battery replaced, or dust removed from the clockworks. Alas, now you’ll have no reason to be late, thanks to your jeweller!

And that’s not all

Walking into a jewellery store is a little like walking into Ali Baba's cave. The store is filled with as many treasures as there are services offered by jewellers. You can also call on your jeweller’s expertise to:

  • Choose a new piece of jewelry that fits the occasion, your budget and your taste.
  • Have a piece of jewelry custom-made for you.
  • Have a ring enlarged or made smaller.
  • Personalize a signet ring, wedding band or charm by engraving it with initials, an important date or a few personal words.
  • Have antique jewelry appraised.
  • Have your ears pierced. (Health Canada recommends you opt for a jeweller who uses a sterilized disposable needle rather than a piercing gun.)
3 reasons why everyone needs to know a reputable jeweller
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