Choosing the right diaper bag

December 15, 2014

Deciding what diaper bag to choose can be a tricky decision. There are so many on the market boasting different styles, sizes and features. The most important thing is to choose one that fits your lifestyle.

Choosing the right diaper bag

Big or small

So you know that you'll be spending time out of the house with your baby, but will you mainly be going out for short periods of time, or long ones? If you know that you will be going on short outings, you can probably get away with a fairly small diaper bag because you do not have to bring a lot of things with you.

However, leaving the house with your baby for big chunks of time will require you to bring all their necessities. This includes wipes, diapers, a change of clothes for your baby, spit-up blankets, and maybe even a change of clothes for yourself!

A pocket for every purpose

Size aside, some diaper bags are very simple with one main pocket, while other diaper bags have all the bells and whistles, including many pockets and compartments. Having a lot of pockets in your diaper bag can be extremely useful when you’re out and about and need to keep your belongings organized.

For example, if your baby poops and you need to change his diaper, you will want to use hand sanitizer afterward to clean your hands. You want this item to be readily available. You will not want to be fishing around for hand sanitizer if you’re in a rush, so having a specific pocket where you know you can find the hand sanitizer can come in handy.

There are bags with integrated changing mats

When it comes to your diaper bag, a change mat is a key item. Some bags have a changing mat built in to the bag, and it comes out without detaching from the bag when you need it. Other bags are simply designed to fit a change mat (which normally comes with the diaper bag), but the mat comes out of the bag completely when you need to use it.

Function over fashion

Keep in mind that while trendy bags may look great, they’re not always practical. When you’re traveling around town with the baby, chances are you will be more concerned with having a useful, practical diaper bag, and not one that serves purely aesthetic purposes.

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