What do dentists have to say about frequency of visits?

October 16, 2015

Dentists recommend one or two visits per year to promote oral health and dazzling smiles. So call and make your appointment today.

There’s nothing like a beautiful smile. But to have healthy teeth that are dazzling white and that you can keep right into old age, it is essential to get professional dental care on a regular basis. There are many good dentists who have the knowledge and skill to care for all aspects of the mouth. Through examinations, cleaning, and specialized care, they can help you be all smiles, all the time.

A visit to the dental clinic

Dentists usually see their patients in private dental clinics, where standards are rigorous; these clinics have to stay up to snuff with hygiene, state of the art equipment, and training and qualifications. Opening hours and availability for emergencies vary depending on individual clinics. For a first appointment, it is advisable to arrive early in order to answer a few medical questions for your file. Dentists explain to patients the recommended treatments and associated costs and must get consent from the patient before carrying out any work. It is up to patients to check with their insurance companies ahead of time about which services are covered by their policies.

Six-month checkups

The expression “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is definitely appropriate where oral health is concerned. Dental checkups should take place every six months or, at the very least, once a year. During these biannual visits, the dentist will conduct an examination and recommend a thorough cleaning by a qualified dental hygienist. This way, the dental care team can assess the state of the teeth, enamel, jaw bite, gums, and tongue. These regular visits to the dentist facilitate prevention and the early detection of any problems that could arise.

Beware of cavities

Cavities are among the most common reasons that people visit dentists. Although cavities are more usual in children, they also occur in adults. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria that proliferate in the presence of sugars in the mouth. Technically known as caries, this kind of tooth decay appears as small holes in the tooth enamel. In order to avoid infections and pain, the cavity has to be repaired as soon as possible; when cavities remain untreated, complications can occur.

Personalized treatment

Dentists also treat dental emergencies and gum diseases. They can detect the need for orthodontic care, which can prevent problems with jaw joints, chewing, and premature wearing of the teeth. Dentists can also recommend a wide range of solutions for different problems involving not only the teeth, but also the gums, tongue, and palate.

A trusting relationship

Are you scared of going to the dentist but hate to admit it? Don’t panic, because you’re not the only one. Try and see this professional as your partner in maintaining good overall health rather than as a torturer. And keep in mind that modern dentistry is all about minimizing discomfort and pain. If you’re still feeling apprehensive, don’t hesitate to talk to different dentists about your concerns before making an appointment. Be sure to ask any questions that will enable you to feel more confident.

What do dentists have to say about frequency of visits?
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