What is mobile storage and is it right for you?

November 26, 2014

Mobile on-site storage is a great space-saving solution when you need temporary storage at home. Sowhat is mobile storage and is it right for you?

Mobile storage refers to a small, closable container that is delivered to your home, or wherever you need it. The container stays on-site for the length of time you use it. Once you’ve filled the container, the supplier will come and pick up the unitand deliver it to wherever you want— which includes a warehouse for additional storage.

What does a unit look like?

There are various designs. Generally, a mobile storage unit is a wooden or aluminum cube measuring about two metres squared, or more. Mobile units may also resemble an enclosed moving trailer, or a wrapped wooden pallet.

The units are sealed air-tight and water-tight, but are unheated.

Mobile storage: right for you?

There are numerous uses, but here are a few common examples:


  • Mobile storage is most frequently used during renovations. When it comes time to redo the basement or lay new flooring, the cube or container can house your furniture while the work is being done.

During an extended journey

  • Are you planning a trip around the world and have you sub-leased your apartment or house? You can use a container to pack your things, and then send it to a warehouse forsafekeepinguntil you return.

Waiting until the house is built

  • If there is a delay in construction of your new home and you need to vacate your current premises, you can store your furniture and belongings in a mobile container. In the meantime, you can park the unit on the site while you are staying with friends or in a hotel.


  • Students living in dorms must sometimes vacate their residence to work abroad during the summer. Mobile storage is a perfect solution to temporarily store books and belongings, ready for the new semester.

Getting ready to move

  • If you need to save time and space while packing, you can load your boxes into a mobile storage unit as you fill them up one by one. You won’t have to meander through a maze of boxes during this busy time, and you can have the container delivered directly to the new home.

Long-term storage

  • You can also rent a container to use for long-term storage, like a shed, or to store your classic car or motorcycle.

Will I need a permit?

  • Check with your municipality to know the rules before parking a mobile storage container on your property. It may require a permit, and leave you open to getting a fine if you don't have one.

Is insurance a good idea?

  • Yes. Contact your insurance company to see if your belongings are covered by your homeowner’s policy in case of theft or damage.

Mobile storage containers are practical and useful for many reasons: moving, renovation and storage are the main ones. For their convenience and flexibility, one solution really does fit all!

What is mobile storage and is it right for you?
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