What is the difference between a hotel room and suite?

December 18, 2014

Hotels offer a range of different rooms and services, but what is the clerk offering you when they ask you if you’d prefer a room or a suite? A suite can offer a more luxurious experience, but it can also offer you just a larger room or one with a small kitchen space. Find out what options can be available.

What is the difference between a hotel room and suite?

The basic hotel room

When you get a basic hotel room, you’re likely to get a room with two queen or king-sized beds, a TV, and a private bathroom with a few toiletries. Depending on the hotel, you may have a coffeemaker, a hair dryer, and a few other additional luxuries. Most hotel rooms include free Wi-Fi these days, but this may not be the case if you’re travelling to foreign locations. Some rooms may also provide an armchair and reading lamp or a desk and chair for working.

Your regular hotel room will usually give you access to pay-per-view movies, room service, and the mini-bar, but always at an additional cost.

Hotel suites

There is no real standard for hotel suites and you’ll need to enquire wherever you go to find out exactly what is offered as it sometimes depends on the type of hotel you are visiting. If you’re booking rooms for a large group, sometimes getting a suite may save you a bit of money compared to separate standard rooms. A suite may also give you access to additional services such as a kitchen area that could be useful to you depending on the reasons for your travel.

Some luxury suites may resemble a standard hotel room while offering more space and more luxurious furniture, appliances, and services. This is what you might get if you opt for business or executive suite.

A hospitality suite may have a kitchenette and the option to connect to other rooms. These can have the feel of a small apartment. Added luxuries may be included from a wet bar and deluxe bath products to better bedding and an enhanced work station.

If you want to go with a rather lavish option, you might ask for the presidential suite. These often come with the best panoramic view, deluxe bedding, an ergonomic work station, as well as waiting and dining areas. The presidential suite usually comes with many extras, from a wet bar and luxury toiletries to additional telephones, a stereo, and a DVD player.

So, if you’re going on a trip with a large group, consider any available suite options and compare prices before settling on regular rooms. Or, if you’re looking for a more comfortable experience for yourself and a partner, simply upgrading to one of the smaller suite options could provide you with the luxury you need to make your experience an extra special one.

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