Which finger should you wear your rings on?

December 8, 2014

No longer worn only on ring fingers, rings are trendy on other digits, too. Whether for fashion or symbolic reasons, here are the various meanings for rings placed on different fingers.

Which finger should you wear your rings on?

Thumb rings

The thumb is very special because it represents your soul and it is responsible for the head, the neck and the will.

  • In several cultures it is even thought of as a symbol of strength.
  • Thumbs are best suited for large bands or bands set with stones in shades of blue or green.

Index finger rings

When you point at something, you generally use your index finger. It’s also the first finger you usually use to execute an action.

  • In astrology, the index finger is associated with the planet Jupiter. Some people even say that when a ring is worn on the index finger, and is held up to face another person, it can send him or her a strong burst of energy.
  • Tradition has it that you should wear a gold ring set with a blue stone, such as a sapphire.
  • This combination is said to bring energy and willpower, and it is believed to be your best ally in getting rid of negative feelings, such as jealousy.
  • Opals are suitable as well, and favour fertility, love and hope.

Middle finger rings

The middle finger acts under the influence of Saturn and it particularly appreciates black or purple stones.

  • It has been said that an amethyst worn on the middle finger protects you against worrying and brings tolerance and patience. You will also recover your tranquility, serenity and harmony.
  • Should an important time of negotiations be approaching, you could also choose to wear a silver ring on your middle finger; it will supposedly help you build your confidence.

Ring finger rings

The left ring finger is reserved for a wedding band. The reason is very simple: the ring finger is directly linked to the heart, and it also plays an important role in terms of energy vibration.

  • Precious stones, such as diamonds, or stones in the colours of love, such as rubies, are favoured for this finger.
  • By choosing a good alloy of stones and metal, you will not only have a positive influence on love, but on your friendships as well.

Pinkie rings

Intelligence, creativity, ingenuity and relationships are all associated with this finger.

  • Green stones suit the little finger to perfection, especially emeralds.
  • Creative people, builders and intellectuals should pay particular attention to their little fingers.

Whether it's a simple fashion accessory or a piece with great sentimental value, a ring never fails to impress, especially if you're wearing it on the right finger.

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