3 considerations for picking your new favourite sport

November 6, 2014

There are many things to consider when selecting a new sport to take part in. By putting some thought into the process, you can find an enjoyable, healthy new hobby.

3 considerations for picking your new favourite sport

Those seeking a fun, engaging way to become fit, meet new people or gain new skills often turn to sports with the question, which should I choose?

  • Think about sports that you enjoy watching, and whether or not they seem like viable options for you to participate in.
  • Shared interests with friends and family traditions help shape sport likes and dislikes.
  • Fun and enjoyment are important to consider, but so are the physical benefits.

1. Time and energy commitment

Any sport requires some level of physical and mental commitment. Determining an appropriate level of physical activity is the first step in choosing a sport.

  • Not everyone is suited to strap on a set of skates and play hockey or run a marathon, but that's no reason not to be active.
  • Ideally, a sport challenges you without being overwhelming. Age and fitness level should always be considered when selecting a sport.
  • It's important to think about the energy and time that you want to commit to a new sport.
  • Golf, for example, requires more of a time commitment but less energy exertion than a quick three-on-three game of basketball.

2. Try a recreational league

Some of the best sport opportunities are found in recreational leagues. These leagues provide the athletically curious with a way to explore a new sport and discover what they enjoy.

  • Novices should look for beginner football, volleyball, basketball, hockey and other sports leagues that are played at the non-professional level for an excellent way to meet new people and have fun while being active.
  • Find a place that posts game sign-ups or work through a fitness club.


If looking for a sport for children, consider their interests and let them explore many opportunities.

3. Decide how much money you want to spend

Cost is an important factor when considering a new sport.

  • Soccer is popular all over the world because it's fun and easy to play at the basic level. Essentially, all that's needed is a ball and some open space; everything else can be improvised.
  • If you'd like to try figure skating, you'll only need a patch of ice and some skates.
  • Mountain climbing or parasailing will require more of a financial investment and training.

No matter what your activity level, the sport you choose should be interesting, affordable and most importantly, fun.

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