What to expect at the world's finest hotels

November 1, 2014

Ever wondered what the world's finest hotels are really like? Keep reading to find out what makes the world's top-rated hotels different from the rest.

What to expect at the world's finest hotels

1. The service is attentive, subtle and reliable

When you visit the finest hotels in the world, you'll notice one thing in particular - the staff pays attention to you.

  • That's because they know your comfort and happiness is critical to ensuring you have a good stay.
  • While they won't be overbearing, they will be reliable and there when you need them to be.

2. Your experience is personalized to your needs

Personalization is key to a good experience in a fine hotel. At the world's finest hotels, the staff will take time to learn your name, and they'll make you feel right at home.

  • Do you have a special request? At the best hotels, your requests will be honoured, all in the name of making your experience unique to you.

3. Your transportation needs are provided for

Need a ride to or from the airport? At the world's finest hotels, shuttle services are provided to make sure you don't need to worry about trying to flag down a taxi.

  • Trying to get around town? These hotels also have shuttles to popular tourist destinations, and some even offer a car to help get you around within a certain radius of the hotel.

4. Truly great hotels think of the whole family

Family vacations can be stressful, which is why the finest hotels in the world know it's not just the parents that deserve a little special treatment and luxury.

  • Great hotels remember it's also important for children to have a positive experience, which is why they may offer special perks to kids, from free ice cream to child-size bathrobes.

5. Room service isn't just for rooms anymore

At great hotels, they know room service doesn't have to be restricted to your hotel room.

  • Whether you're spending time poolside, in the hotel lounge or elsewhere on the grounds, the world's finest hotels still strive to make sure your needs are met, and that you're comfortable and well taken care of.

6. Location, location, location

You won't find the finest hotels in the world on the seamy side of town. No, these hotels know that it's all about location, which is why you'll so often find them right in the heart of the action.

  • These hotels are often located in the best parts of America's most travelled cities, and position themselves to be in easy walking distance of bars and restaurants, as well as other attractions.

If you won't be satisfied by anything less than the world's finest hotels, keep an eye out for these tell-tale signs. You'll be sure to have an experienced unmatched by any other.

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