What to expect when you stay at a motel

December 9, 2014

Motels are convenient, cheaper than hotels, and may even offer comparable amenities. If you've never tried one before, here's what to expect when you stay at a motel.

What to expect when you stay at a motel

The beginning of motels

Given the vast distances between major cities, motorists in the past wanted some kind of reprieve in the form of a hot meal and a room for the evening before continuing with their journey. Hence, the motel concept was born in 1925.

So what are motels and what do they offer?

Motels are usually small establishments that offer the basic amenities, such as meals and a room for travellers. The word "motel" was formed by mashing together "motorist" and "hotel".

Where you will find them

These establishments are usually found along busy highways and in smaller towns that may not have an abundance of hotels. Despite the negative flak they have received over the years, motels are an indispensable part of the hotel industry, as well as a source of revenue for smaller towns.

More personal service

A typical motel has a few rooms, usually less than 20. This gives motels a more intimate feel and privacy that you may not get from a hotel with 100 rooms. Due to their small size, motels usually give personalized and attentive service, making your stay more memorable and enjoyable.

Affordable and comfortable

Most motels are very affordable. However, their lower prices usually mean that you shouldn’t expect all of the amenities found in larger hotels: things like expensive shampoos, a mini fridge, slippers and luxurious robes are not available in such establishments.

Typically, motels only offer the bare essentials to passing travellers who are looking for a bed and a meal for a short amount of time.

Easily accessible

Motels also usually have an open-plan setting, making all rooms accessible. Often, you can pull your vehicle right up to the front door of your room, making it easier to carry your luggage.

A typical motel usually has a ground and upper floor, as well as a shared balcony area. You may have to go up a flight of stairs to get to your room, but the distance should be short. What's more, there's most always a pool on the premises.

Most motels have a single window for ventilation, and a main door that does not connect to other rooms, but leads directly outside.

Casual, fun and convenient

Motels have diversified to appeal to the growing and evolving demands of guests. For instance:

  • Some rooms in a motel may have an Elvis Presley theme for a fun touch.
  • Motels usually give you that old world feel you see in the movies for a fraction of the price of accommodation in a full-fledged hotel.
  • You may not need to book in advance if you’re looking to stay in a motel, given their location and casual ambience.

Motels are cheap, convenient and a great way to discover the various wonderful accommodation options available for you in many corners of the country.

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