What to get the dad who has everything for Father's Day

October 29, 2015

Regardless of the gizmos and gadgets he already has at home, there are still some thoughtful, creative Father's Day gifts that any father would enjoy. Check out the list below to get some great ideas for Father's Day gifts for the dad who has everything.

What to get the dad who has everything for Father's Day

Childhood candy collection

Nearly every dad thinks back on his childhood days with fondness and what's more important during childhood than candy?

To research sneakily grill your dad about the kind of treats he liked to eat as a kid, then gather up the sweets into a cute package.

Consider wrapping them in a package that reflects your dad's hobby or interests (like a vintage baseball glove or tennis-ball can).

Once you give your dad the treat, he may even be willing to share a piece or two with you, so you can celebrate together.

Beer-brewing kit

Your dad may love to drink beer, but has he ever made his own? If not, consider getting him a beer-brewing kit so that he can make his own small batches at home.

Different brewing kits allow you to make different types of beers like India Pale Ales, golden ales, lagers and more. You can pick out the kit that will allow your dad to make his favourite kind.

Then, you can even help him create customized labels so that he'll have his own unique beer brand to enjoy.

Vintage poster

If you want to splurge this Father's Day, get your dad a vintage, signed poster from his favourite sports team.

You can search online to find countless sports collectibles of all types, then look for a poster or collectible with his favourite player's signature.

Or, if you're dad's not really a sports fanatic, look for a vintage poster for his favourite movie or band, either signed or unsigned.

Sports-related or not, antique memorabilia is a great idea to get your dad a one-of-a-kind gift that he can't buy at any store.

Play, musical or symphony tickets

To give your dad an experience for Father's Day rather than a tangible gift, give him a night at the theatre. Look at local arts venues and see what shows and events would be the most enjoyable for him.

Then, purchase him a pair of tickets so he can attend with the guest of his choice. The memories of the show will last longer and mean more than any item you can buy for him.

Gift giving is all about showing the gift receiver you care. So, if you're stumped on what to get your dad for Father's Day, try one of these suggestions for a surefire hit.

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