Create an elegant dried flower arrangement

November 21, 2014

Love the look of flowers in your home but tired of having to replace them constantly? Here are some tips on making a great looking dried flower arrangement.
Whether you've bought dried flowers from a florist, or have dried your own wedding bouquet, having a dried flower arrangement in your home can brighten up the space. Best of all, there’s little to no maintenance and they last longer than fresh cut flowers.

Here are a few tips on how to make your own dried flower arrangement.

1. Be lazy, Susan

If you don’t already have one, head out and pick up a Lazy Susan. Not sure what that is? It’s a small, portable rotating platform usually placed in the middle of the dining table so everyone can easily access a dish of food. Place your vase in the middle of the Lazy Susan and turn it regularly while building your arrangement. This will ensure that it's balanced.

2. Pick up the foam

Grab yourself some floral foam from a craft store. Wedge a piece into your container, filling up as much as possible so the arrangement won’t wobble when completed.

3. Flower power

Now you’re ready to start building your arrangement. Start in the middle and insert the bigger, focal point flowers. Dried hydrangeas are a great option as their round, colourful flower heads create a great shape to organize your other flowers around.

Now that the centre of the arrangement is established, begin to fill outward towards the edges with smaller or average-sized flowers. Dried roses of various colours are a great option because hey, who doesn’t like roses? Be sure to space these complementary flowers evenly around the main focal point.

Once your flowers are secured, fill in the spaces between with materials like dried lavendar, straw, grass, wheat, flax, or fern to complete the look and add fullness. These materials are often referred to as “line” material.

4. Preservation

Now that your dried flower arrangement is complete, you’ll want to take good care of it so it lasts a long time.

Be sure to keep the arrangement indoors, out of direct sunlight, and in low humidity rooms.

The only downside to a dried flower arrangement is that it will get dusty. But cleaning is easy, so long as you do it regularly.

  • Spray off dust with compressed air (the kind you’d use to clean your computer keyboard).
  • Gently knock the dust off using a hair dryer on a low, cool setting. Do NOT use heat or you may damage your flowers.
  • Try an old-fashioned feather duster.
Create an elegant dried flower arrangement
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