What to look for when choosing a highchair

December 19, 2014

For new parents, choosing a highchair for your baby can mean the difference between a pleasant mealtime and a mess. Your baby is constantly growing, and feeding time plays an important role in your baby’s development. So when you are choosing your highchair for you baby, remember that a highchair is a sign your baby is developing. Make sure you consider all the features before you bring one home and feed your baby "num nums".

What to look for when choosing a highchair

Basic highchair

A standard highchair is the most common. These highchairs can range from affordable to high-end, depending on the features you want or need. They can be made from wood or durable plastic. The most basic models come at a standard non-adjustable height. They are considered no-frills, with a removable tray. If you are considering choosing this highchair, you will love that the height allows you to have your baby seated next to you while the rest of the family enjoys mealtime. This is perfect for bringing the entire family together. Remember, some of these highchairs cannot be collapsed and therefore need a permanent home in your kitchen or dining room. So think about the space you have to spare since your highchair will be used daily, and constantly.

Convertible highchair

These chairs are a multipurpose piece of furniture. Convertible highchairs grow with your baby. When they are just babies, you use it as a highchair. As they grow into a toddler, your highchair can be converted into a seat or chair, depending on the model you choose. This is a great option for parents who can’t wait for the day when their toddler can sit at the table with the rest of the family. If you are prepared to pay a little more, this type of highchair is a great choice.

Portable highchair

If you live in a condo or small home, portable highchairs might be a good choice for your baby. These chairs take up very little space and usually fasten right to your table or kitchen island, depending on where your family likes to eat. Another great feature is that it’s small enough to take with you. So at family trips or when you’re having dinner at a friend’s place, you just take your portable highchair with you. Most models come with a carrying case or fold for easy travel. This is especially helpful if you’re vising a home that doesn’t have children. Portable highchairs are lightweight and made of fabric. Most models do not have a tray or cup, so this might not be ideal for your baby’s everyday use.

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