8 features to look for when buying ski gear

February 3, 2015

Need to bundle up? Check out this handy ski gear guide to help you make the best choices when shopping for new ski gear.

8 features to look for when buying ski gear

The style and frequency of your skiing will determine the type and quality of gear you’ll need. Keeping yourself warm, comfortable and safe should be your main priorities when deciding on appropriate ski gear. Here's what to look out for:

1. Breathability

When you’re skiing you can work up a sweat in even the coldest conditions. Wearing clothing that offers breathability can be the difference between an all-day run and throwing in a sweat-soaked towel by noon.

2. Insulation

You're performing an intensely physical sport in cold, and often windy, conditions. Having the right insulation to keep your muscles warm and to protect your face and hands is key to making your entire ski run as enjoyable as possible.

3. Expansion and restriction

  • If your clothes are too tight, it's not only uncomfortable, but can also impede your circulation.
  • If your clothes are too loose, your movements can become clumsy and imprecise in your ski movements.
  • Either one can be dangerous. Having gear that expands and restricts as you wish (zipper compartments included) can help avoid these problems.

4. Waterproofing

If your clothing is soaked by snow, not only will you be wet, but you’ll also become heavier from the additional water in your clothes.

  • This is dangerous because additional weight can destroy your balance.

5. Weatherproofing

Each type of weather presents its own challenges. Ski gear should resist the wear and tear that results from weather exposure.

  • Consider grabbing gear that is specific to your activity, rather than just general apparel or equipment.

6. Wind-proofing

Whether skiing down terrain with high winds, or travelling down pristine commercial slopes, most skiing consists of picking up velocity, which causes air resistance. Rather than chilling yourself to the bone, make sure you grab gear that will protect you.

7. Levels of warmth

Choosing the level of warmth you need from equipment depends on two things:

  • First, your weather conditions
  • Second, the type of skiing you plan on doing.
  • Different gear will promise a certain level of warmth.
  • Another strategy is to stack layers of clothing to ensure your warmth.

8. Range of motion

The amounts and types of clothing are dependant on your preferred style of skiing.

  • However, making sure that your range of motion is not impeded is essential to your safety and enjoyment of your ski trip.
  • Make sure your ski gear allows for a good range of motion, and does not get in the way of your technique.

Once you understand these guidelines for keeping yourself warm and safe, selecting gear becomes much simpler.

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