What you need to know before you open a bakery

If you’ve decided to open a bakery, here are some helpful tips for taking your passion and turning it into a booming business.

What you need to know before you open a bakery

There are many bakers that dream of the day when they can open a bakery. Besides having a passion for baking, there are steps you need to take in order to get your bakery up and running. Read on to see if you’ve got what it takes to open up your very own bakery.

Passion required, training isn’t

For some, the first step would be to obtain formal training, but to become a baker you don't necessarily need any special training.

  • Data from the 2006 Census revealed that approximately 57 per cent of bakers had no post-secondary education, and only 16 per cent had a diploma or degree in Personal and Culinary Services.
  • Many people rely on hands-on experience from on-the-job training.
  • There are also many educational institutions that provide programs designed to elevate your baking skills.

Decide what type of bakery you want to open

  • Will it be a specialty bakery that sells vegan cakes?
  • Will your bakery serve up delicate French pastries?
  • Are you going to open a commercial bakery that sells artisanal bread to grocery stores?

See what everyone else is baking

If you have an idea of the neighbourhood where you plan on opening your bakery, take the time to walk around and check out the competition.

  • Are there other bakeries selling similar products?
  • If so, do you see an unexplored opportunity?
  • Are local restaurants serving up gluten-free food? This could be a sign that there is a demand for gluten-free products.

Your bakery as a business

Even though your dream to open a bakery was born from your passion, it is still a business that should make you money.

You need to treat it like a business and take the necessary steps:

  • Draw up your business plan: Your plan should outline your goals and how you’ll achieve them. It should also include additional information like the costs associated with opening up a bakery. You may need professional help from an accountant for this step.
  • Raise money: Once you’ve figured out how much it will cost, you’ll have to get the necessary money. This money can come in the form of a loan from a bank or from investors.
  • Get necessary permits and licenses: Your bakery will need to be registered in your city. Depending on your location, you will be required to get the permits and licenses necessary to bake and sell your goods.
  • Stock your bakery: Once you have the money, it’s time to purchase your equipment, supplies and ingredients. You’ll also need staff to help you bake and sell.
  • Get the green light from the inspector: In Canada, depending on your province and city, an inspector will confirm that safe food handling practices are being followed.
  • Tell everyone about your bakery: You can use social media, flyers, radio commercials and more.
  • Start baking and selling your delicious treats!
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