What you should know before buying a residential snowplow

December 21, 2014

So, you own a pickup truck or an SUV, and the possibility of clearing the snow from your driveway yourself is something you would like to tackle? The solution: buy a residential snowplow. It’s a move that will take a small investment to start with, but the money you save in doing the plowing yourself will add up over the long term. And hey, you might even be able to hire out your services one day.

Face the storm

A residential snowplow can be attached to the front of most trucks and SUVs, allowing you to plow your driveway or a small parking lot or dirt road. The advantages of buying a residential snowplow are significant: you can remove snow much more quickly than you would with a shovel or a snowblower, and you’ll save the money you would normally spend on an annual contract with a snow removal company.

In addition, residential snowplows are tough and long-lasting. They’re rust and weatherproof, and they’re designed to maintain their appearance throughout the seasons.

Don’t forget the mounting brackets

If you plan on buying a residential snowplow, bear in mind that you’ll also need to purchase mounting brackets or a front mount that fits your type of vehicle, which are sold separately. Some models of plow have wheels that enable you to attach or remove them quickly, which is sure to make your life much easier.

How does it work?

Would you like to learn more about the operation of a residential snowplow? In summary, a hydraulic lift enables you to control the snow plow’s vertical and side-to-side movement from inside the cab of your truck. The plow is fitted with trip-springs that facilitate its passage over small obstacles or uneven surfaces without jarring your vehicle.

Some important questions

Before buying a residential snow plow, it’s a good idea to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What type of snow removal am I planning to do?
  • What type of vehicle will I use it on?
  • What type of blade do I need?
  • What equipment is best for my needs?
  • What about the quality and the warranty offered?
  • Does the model suit my budget?
  • Is it easy to install and use?

In short, if you’re looking for a snow-removal method that’s fast and efficient, in addition to protecting you from the cold, think about buying a residential snowplow. It’s a solution that could really change the way you experience your next Canadian winter. The purchase of the snowplow and all of the necessary attachment hardware will set you back anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000.

What you should know before buying a residential snowplow
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