What's your home organization style?

Autumn is a time of change and the perfect time to finally get your home in order and working for you. By learning more about your unique home organization personality, you can enjoy a cleaner, more organized home. Do you recognize yourself in any of these three home organization styles?

What's your home organization style?

1. The ostrich

Sound familiar? "Out of sight, out of mind" isn't just a phrase to you — it's a way of life. Instead of facing your home organization challenges head-on, you grow overwhelmed and stuff everything into a closet or drawer, leaving even more chaos in your wake.

Your downfall: Your "do it later" philosophy can backfire when it's time to find an important item. It can even have terrible consequences. For example, if your home is ever robbed, it would be difficult to determine what was stolen.

Try this: A "home zone" technique can help you face clutter without getting overwhelmed. Divide your home into zones, then tackle one zone each weekend until your possessions are organized. Keep up the same schedule for routine maintenance.

2. The freight train

Sound familiar? Your approach to home organization is like a train that never leaves its tracks. You do the same thing over and over again, but you're never really happy with the results.

Your downfall: In an organization rut, you prevent yourself from adopting a better system. It may seem simpler to stick with what you know, but the status quo isn't always best.

Try this: Kickstart your routine out of autopilot. Clear several hours and pretend you're moving into your house for the first time. Question every possession, every storage place and every routine. Don't stop until you've brainstormed three new solutions to each organization problem — and resolve to adopt at least one of them.

3. The perfectionist

Sound familiar? You obsess over every detail, sorting and re-sorting items, tidying each space and even creating inventories of all of your furniture and trinkets.

Your downfall: Because you have controlling tendencies, it can be easy to miss the forest for the trees. Your obsession with micromanaging every section of your house can blow the entire process out of proportion. Instead of feeling organized, you just feel behind.

Try this: Instead of focusing on keeping everything perfectly organized all the time, set designated home organization times. You can tidy, sort and perform inventory checks during those times, and those times alone. Use the rest of your time to enjoy the house you have ever-so-perfectly organized!

Now that you've found your type, work it! Keep the tips above in mind when you embark on home organization tasks small or large this fall. You'll be relaxing in a cleaner, more organized space in no time.

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