When a power failure alarm comes to the rescue

October 4, 2014

Offices, commercial buildings and second homes, which are often left unattended over the weekend or during holidays, can benefit from the addition of a power failure alarm.

When a power failure alarm comes to the rescue

For some people, a power failure alarm serves little purpose because they are around most of the time and, if the power goes off, they will notice it as quickly as any device could.

  • The advantage of an alarm that detects power outages becomes more obvious for a building not always occupied, like an outbuilding where items are stored, or a holiday home in a rural location.


One of the most important things about an alarm monitoring the power to a building is that it notifies you of a potential problem.

  • If the power in an outbuilding or an unattended home goes off for a prolonged period, you may want to do something about the contents of the freezer, for example.

Equally, a simple notification message may mean you choose to do nothing immediately, other than to contact the utility company concerned to find out how long the power will remain out.

  • In commercial buildings, notice of a power outage may mean that a business continuity plan is put into practice.
  • It depends on the specific circumstance, but a notification means being informed, and being informed means being able to make the appropriate decisions.

Multi-function alarms

These days, manufacturers of power outage alarms make multi-functional units that do more than monitor the electrical supply to a home or office building.

  • Some devices can also keep a check on the water supply, as well as monitor the temperature.

In remote locations, keeping a watchful eye on the temperature can be just as important as monitoring the power.

  • After all, burst pipes can have a devastating effect on a home if the temperature drops sufficiently.
  • By keeping track of these things, it is possible to prevent problems and even lower your insurance premiums.

Some multi-function alarms require ongoing paid subscriptions, but others have no fees and can be set up without much technical know-how.

Connectivity options

In order to create an alarm for an unoccupied building, you will need more than a typical battery-powered audio alert.

  • Most modern alarm devices connect via the telephone network and some can dial up to 10 different numbers, if necessary.
  • Others will notify you via an SMS message.

Some use Wi-Fi to connect, but bear in mind that alarms of this type will need a powered router nearby in order to work.

  • For the most reassuring sort of power outage alarm, choose one that is able to connect to the outside world by more than one means.

*Not only is it dangerous, it may even be illegal in some provinces, such as Québec, to do your own electrical wiring. The solution: consider hiring a master electrician.

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