6 times in your life when you might need a family lawyer

February 5, 2014

When it comes to settling family matters, sometimes outside intervention is the only way: here are the six times in your life when you may need a family lawyer.

6 times in your life when you might need a family lawyer

What is family law?

Family lawyers work in a branch of private law related to family matters such as divorce, child custody, inheritance and alimony.

  • Conflict within family relationships can create emotionally charged situations, and family lawyers are experienced in dealing with such tensions.
  • The role of the family lawyer is to prioritize the welfare of the family, especially the children.

As such, here are the six times in your life you might need one to step into the middle.

1. To manage your divorce

Divorce is one of life’s most difficult trials, both for adults and children. Often, it gives rise to disputes that only a family lawyer’s expertise can solve.

  • This legal professional is also responsible for protecting your interests and advising you throughout the process.
  • His or her role is to implement the best possible strategy to ensure that your rights are respected.

A divorce can also coincide with a career change or a return to the workforce; a family lawyer can help you manage this stage of your life where it concerns financial settlements and the fair distribution of property.

2. To establish alimony

During a divorce, it is important that children continue to enjoy the financial resources of both parents. Alimony is often the first source of litigation, but the law provides many very clear parameters.

  • A family lawyer can assess your needs in order to determine the appropriate amount of alimony or child support for your situation.

3. To determine visitation rights and custody

When you are divorced, you have custody and access rights to your children.

  • In cases where court decisions are not respected, a family lawyer will defend your rights.
  • It is important to consult a lawyer quickly in order to resolve this kind of conflict, which can negatively affect the lives of your children.

4. To fairly divide estates and inheritance

If disputes arise between members of the same family over a will, the estate may be blocked, preventing the heirs from benefitting from their inheritance.

  • The role of the family lawyer is to defuse such conflicts and find a suitable legal compromise.

5. To assist with adopting a child

Some family lawyers specialize in adoption cases.

  • It is important to consult with one of these professionals during the adoption process.
  • In the case of an international adoption, every country has specific rules that family lawyers can help you navigate.

6. To prepare common-law spouses

  • If you are in a common-law relationship, family lawyers recommend drawing up a contract, whether you have children or not, in order to prepare for the possibility of separation.

Knowing in advance who will keep the family home, furniture and other assets can help to avoid lengthy and costly disputes.

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