When paying for the most expensive hotels is worth it

February 3, 2015

Ultra-high-end hotels strive to create experiences where guests never have to worry about a thing, where accommodations and amenities are fit for royalty. If you've never stayed in a five-star hotel, you may wonder if the cost is justified. Here's why the most expensive hotels in the world are sometimes worth every penny.

When paying for the most expensive hotels is worth it

Locations and architecture

The most expensive hotels in the world are often located in upscale areas offering breathtaking views of the nearby landscape. Places like Monaco, Dubai and Manhattan are no strangers to these hotels.

  • The architecture and lush interior design of the entrances and lobbies of luxury hotels can in and of themselves be topics of conversation.
  • Luxury hotels are built with materials you don’t see every day either, like hand-picked exotic marbles, tiger wood doors and gold leaf finishings.

World-class staff

The most expensive hotels in the world employ highly skilled and trained staff. For these service employees, there is no such thing as trying to meet guest expectations — only striving to surpass them.

  • For instance, the concierge will not only let you know about the best show in town, he will leverage his craftiness and connections to source a pair of box-seat tickets to the sold-out production, and have them sent up to your room.
  • Going to dine at one of the hotel’s restaurants? Expect to enjoy a meal prepared by a world-famous chef.
  • For those looking to come home with a new outfit or special gift, you can call down to have a professional personal shopper take care of all your shopping needs.
  • From guru yoga instructors to top hair or makeup stylists, the most expensive hotels in the world will have someone on hand for your specific needs.

Amenities and extras

When ordering room service at these hotels, you’re far more likely to find items like albino sturgeon black caviar and champagne on the menu than potato chips and pop.

  • Some hotels will even have en-suite gourmet meals prepared in front of you, while you relax and enjoy some wine tasting.
  • Many resorts will include exclusive spa services and some even get you access to local hot springs to tantalize your senses.

In your suite

The most expensive hotels in the world will feature suites varying in size and extravagance.

  • They will have separate bedrooms, living spaces, entertainment areas, etc.
  • Don’t be surprised if your suite features a grand piano and is accented by rare artwork and antique furniture.
  • Instead of a bar fridge, you’re more likely to spot a wine-rack featuring expensive vintages.
  • Expect bed sheets with 1000+ count threads, mattresses filled with goose down, and in-suite lighting adjusted by remote control.
  • Expect every last detail, down to the hygiene products in your suite, to be nothing short of lavish.

While the best hotels in the world may not be meant for every travel occasion, they are worth looking into for a special occasion.

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