Mom-approved advice when choosing fabrics for baby's nursery

December 8, 2014

There are many considerations when looking at materials for baby's curtains or bedding. Here's some mom-approved advicefor choosing the best fabrics for baby's nursery.

Mom-approved advice when choosing fabrics for baby's nursery


A bedroom must be conducive to rest. When you’re thinking about which fabrics to choose for a nursery, avoid fabrics that are overly stimulating, such as red or orange, which may keep the child active.

  • Beige, pale grey, clear blue or light pink are more soothing for little ones.
  • Some people believe pink induces drowsiness, so if you prefer something livelier, choose a print with just a touch of purple or another upbeat colour.

Texture and materials   

When you’re considering which fabrics to choose for a nursery, remember that very young children tend to stain bedding and clothing frequently.

  • Choose fabrics that are easy to wash if you want to avoid indelible stains and smells. Pure cotton is a stain magnet.
  • Ensure that comforters are filled with a hypoallergenic material such as 100 per cent polyester batting.
  • Make baby happy with stretch terry velour that is always such a joy to touch.
  • Prioritize organic fabrics that are gentler against her skin.

Tip:Make blankies using towels or pyjamas your child has outgrown. Take care to make stitches that are tight and close together.

Plain or patterned?

When you’re pondering which fabrics to choose for a nursery, the pattern issue also comes to mind. It may be better not to stimulate baby with bright colours, but that doesn’t mean a cute pattern is out of the question.

  • Embossed wallpaper and patterned fabrics give baby something to explore and touch.
  • A complementary mixture of patterns can enhance a room much more than plain fabrics would.
  • The room should be restful, not boring, so patterns are appropriate.

Tip: have drawings of baby’s brother or sister printed on curtains or on a blanket. It’s a lovely way to strengthen sibling ties, instil a sense of pride in your children, and embellish the nursery.


Although sheer fabrics can embellish baby’s universe, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by choosing opaque fabrics for his curtains. A darker room allows baby to get more sleep, so you’re bound to sleep better as well!

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