5 best-ever honeymoon ideas

October 16, 2014

Do you and your partner prefer an island paradise or jungle eco-trek? A honeymoon is only idyllic if it appeals to both partners. Here are the five best-ever honeymoon ideas: which one suits you two most?

5 best-ever honeymoon ideas

According to a recent bank survey, Canadian newlyweds budget on average a little over $5,000 for their honeymoon. What's more, nine out of ten newly-married couples plan to travel abroad to make the most of their honeymoon vacation time. If you're getting married soon and still can't decide, here are five helpful ideas.

1. Tried and true classics

The study took a look at the favourite honeymoon vacation destinations of Canadians; it revealed that Hawaii is the preferred location for the majority of couples in search of an exotic trip. Other favoured destinations are:

  • The Caribbean Islands (22 per cent)
  • Europe (18 per cent)
  • Australia and New Zealand (11 per cent)
  • Canada (10 per cent)

2. Lovers of the sea

Close your eyes for a moment and think about your honeymoon vacation. What do you see? A morning of deep-sea diving with an afternoon spent lazing in the sun and a twilight cruise on a sailboat? Then a beach destination will fulfil your desires:

  • Think the South Pacific, the Mediterranean or the Caribbean Sea.

Like the majority of young married people, if you like the sea then you’ll love a destination where the focus is on clear blue water and sandy beaches.

3. Maybe a snowy white wedding?

Do you and your loved one wait patiently for winter to return every year so you can race down the slopes again? Why not trade in that tropical post-card landscape for a frosted honeymoon in a winter playground?

  • You can spend a night in an igloo or an ice castle, or cuddle up in front of a fireplace in a rustic mountain chalet.

All kinds of chills, guaranteed!

4. For thrill seekers

Because you want your honeymoon vacation to be the trip of a lifetime, don’t hesitate to choose a real adventure!

  • Cross a desert, climb Mount Kilimanjaro or go on a safari adventure in the African savannah.

If you want to face a few thrilling challenges together, an adventure trip will do the trick.

5. Practical and romantic, too

Getting married and celebrating the honeymoon at the same time is a trend that’s gaining in popularity. In fact, many travel agencies now give soon-to-be couples the opportunity to fly to the destination of their dreams together with family and friends.

  • These all-inclusive packages include the wedding ceremony and a romantic escapade that’s reserved for the lovebirds, alone.

Although these packages are a bit pricier, the memories will last a lifetime.

Need help with planning?

Has planning your wedding been taking up all of your time? At the expense of picking a honeymoon destination? Keep in mind that booking your own trip online can be a time-consuming process that involves hours of research.

  • Many travel agencies specialize in booking honeymoons, which may be relief to hear for many overwhelmed fiancés. Some agencies even offer newlyweds reductions on their honeymoon vacation packages as an incentive.

Wherever you and your future partner decide to honeymoon, most important of all is that the destination and activities reflect your common interests and deep love for each other.

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