Why a ski pass deal is your ticket to ride

December 23, 2014

Take advantage of ski pass deals to save money on ski tickets, lessons, or rental equipment. Discover the types of deals available at most ski mountains and resorts.

Why a ski pass deal is your ticket to ride

Season passes

If you’re a frequent skier and know you’ll be skiing almost every weekend, getting a season pass may save you a good deal of money. You’ll also avoid the ticket line and be able to hit the slopes straight away!

Family passes or group rates

Many ski resorts offer special rates for families, usually two adults and two kids. Many of them also offer rates for large groups, so if you’re planning a big family or friend get-together, look into any special packages you may be able to get.

Discovery packages

If you’re a beginner or looking to discover skiing or snowboarding, find out if your local ski hill offers a welcome special. These packages can include lessons, equipment rental, and mountain access for the remainder of the day once you’ve had your lesson. It’s a great way to discover thrilling winter sports without making an investment in equipment, plus it sure beats borrowing equipment from a friend that “almost” fits you and could lead to an accident.

Corporate packages

These programs offer season tickets that can be transferred from one person to another within the company or a significant transferable discount. It’s a fun perk to give employees and a good incentive for them to stay active. Get them early because amounts are often limited.

Ski and spa packages

Some mountains and nearby spas come together to offer a special deal if you want to go to both in the same day. And really, what’s better than going to relax under the stars at the spa and relieving those sore muscles after an exhilarating day on the slopes? Add in dinner at a nice, fun restaurant in between to make it a romantic day trip with your partner.

Multi-day tickets

Planning an exciting ski trip? Look for weekend or multi-day passes to save a decent amount of money. In addition to this, you may be able to get a discounted rate at an inn or hotel nearby. Save on your fun getaway with this pass.

There may be other ways you can save money on you ski or snowboard ticket or find a great deal on a winter adventure package, just contact your favourite mountain destination to find out what specials they offer. Have fun hitting the slopes!

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