Why booking at a brand-name hotel chain is a smart idea

January 29, 2015

Many travellers like to go with names they know to avoid unpleasant surprises. Here's why booking at a brand-name hotel chain is a smart idea.
In the last few decades, hotel brands have consolidated to form large global chains—or hotel groups. These groups have sub-brands of hotels that range from two- to five-star ratings, offering something for everyone. What's more,a quick search on the Internet will help you find them, if you don't already have a name in mind.

Why choose a well-know hotel name?

For many people, staying in the same brand-name hotel is preferable because there should not be any unpleasant surprises: they know what to expect.

  • The majority of these groups are supported by local tourism boards, and play a vital role in the tourism industry. As such, many are affiliated with museums, airlines, arts centres, and the entertainment business, and offer good deals.

For the frequent traveller, such as business people, hotel groups are vital.

  • Frequent fliers rely on hotel groups for loyalty discounts and consistent quality, regardless of destination.
  • Whether staying at a hotel in Toronto, or one from the same group in New Delhi, guests will experience the same level of service and access to the same amenities at both locations.

Flexible loyalty programs

Another noteworthy characteristic of hotel groups is that many offer their own loyalty cards and discount coupons.

  • By staying in the same hotel chain time after time, guests are presented with discounts, upgrades and perks at no extra cost.
  • Guests can use the loyalty card at any of the hotel group’s other hotels.

You should know

An interesting recent trend with hotel groups has been for the groups to sell franchises, instead of having all the hotels company-owned.

  • With so many owners and managers, you may occasionally encounter minor differences in quality and service between two hotels that go under the same name.

The formation of hotel groups has benefited both travellers and the hotel industry alike.

  • Knowing what to expect from an established hotel name takes some of the guesswork away from deciding where to stay.
  • Most hotel groups offer a range of accommodations and comfort levels, which means the choices are made easier for most folks, regardless of budget.
Why booking at a brand-name hotel chain is a smart idea
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