Why manicurists use a U.V. lamp for your nails

December 11, 2014

For high-gloss and long-wearing nails, the type of equipment your beauty salon uses makes all the difference. Here’s why a U.V. lamp is used for manicures.

For nails that turn heads, a beauty salon manicure is a must. Your hands will be soaked, exfoliated and hydrated, and your nails will be cleaned, filed and polished. To polish natural nails, a base coat is applied, followed by the colour of your choice and a protective coat.

Why is a U.V. lamp used for drying?

For perfect drying and hardening, your nails will be placed under a U.V. lamp after each coat of polish. They’ll be dry in less than two minutes. Unlike traditional nail polish, this technique gives your nails a very glossy and long-lasting finish. Traditional nail polish usually starts to chip after just three days. However, by drying your nails with a U.V. lamp, your nails will remain impeccable for at least two weeks.

How does it work?

The lamp emits moderate intensity ultraviolet radiation that speeds up the drying time of the varnish. Light-reflecting materials inside the box accelerate the drying and hardening process. The manicurist sets a timer and in no time, your nails come out with a glossy finish.

Is the U.V lamp harmful to my health?

Because the U.V. rays are quite weak, dermatologists agree that there is no risk of the lamp causing skin cancer, especially since the skin on our hands is much less sensitive than that of the face, shoulders and back. However, you should still make sure that the manicurist applies a sun block to your hands as a protection measure.

Why are U.V. lamps still used now that LED lamps are available?

A new generation of drying lamps, LED lamps, have emerged on the scene in the last few years. They also work with ultraviolet rays, but the wave lengths differ. Nails dry faster using these lamps, in 30 seconds. They also consume less energy and their light bulbs last longer than they do with traditional U.V. lamps. However, their lifespan is limited to the life of the light bulb, which is approximately two years. As well, some varnishes harden better with a LED lamp and others with a U.V. lamp.

Allow yourself to be pampered

It isn’t important whether you opt for a complete manicure or just a nail application, or whether the beautician uses a U.V. lamp or a LED lamp. Your time at the salon is your time. Your hands spend a lot of time taking care of others, and now it’s their turn to be pampered. After your visit to the salon, you’ll feel beautiful, all the way to the tips of your nails.

Why manicurists use a U.V. lamp for your nails
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