Why do people love pizza so much?

December 5, 2013

Whether it's to celebrate a victory or to save time when feeding the family, pizza is an incredibly popular food in Canada. Here are some of the biggest reasons why.

Why do people love pizza so much?

Who doesn’t love to get together with friends or family and eat pizza? After all, it’s delicious, quick and best of all, there’s a combination of toppings for absolutely everyone.

  • Originating in Naples, Italy, pizza has become a North American standard. Why? It’s the ultimate in comfort food and it’s never boring.
  • What’s more, when pizza is made to include the four food groups, it can even be a healthy choice.

The most popular pizzas

The most common types of pizza include:

  1. Thin crust pizza
  2. Pizza with a traditional crust
  3. Rectangular jumbo pizza
  4. Calzone (a pizza folded in half, like a turnover)
  5. Focaccia (pizza made on a bread base)

Pizza for every occasion

Pizza can almost always meet your expectations, whether you opt for a classic or reinvented version.

Pizza for a crowd
At a birthday party, office celebration, or get-together to watch a game on TV, you can opt for a couple of large pizzas, with all the traditional toppings that everyone loves.

  • Usually these include pepperoni, a combination of cheeses, and perhaps some other meats such as bacon or sausage.
  • You can eat—or should we say devour—this treat with your hands, right off a paper plate. No knives and forks at this party!

Pizza for a romantic meal for two
Choose some subtle combinations of gourmet toppings and turn down the lights.

  • Goat cheese, dried tomatoes and basil; or Portobello mushrooms with blue cheese: the key is to serve a more sophisticated and audacious pizza that can be shared, a bite at a time.

Pizza for a family meal
Whether it’s a save-the-parent supper or a fun weekend meal before playing a board game or watching a good movie, pizza is a real treat.

  • Try a Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple, as well as a vegetarian choice and a classic pepperoni and cheese.

Pizza on the run
For a quick and tasty lunch without having to wait, grab a slice at a kiosk in the mall or at local diner.

  • By the slice, you’re most likely to find the classic pepperoni and cheese or the Canadian meat-combo pizza.

A cooking method for every pizzeria

Authentic wood-fired ovens really give a unique taste to pizza. However, some pizzerias prefer specialized electric ovens, where cooking conditions remain stable and offer the same carefully tested results every time.

  • No matter what type of cooking method is used, the delicious smell of a pizza straight out of the oven is unmatched in this world.

The secret is in the sauce

The secret to a good pizza lies not just in the crust, but in the sauce as well.

  • A tomato-based sauce can be sweet, salty, spicy or seasoned.
  • Other pizzas come with a creamy sauce, such as Alfredo, béchamel and rosé sauce.
  • Sometimes the crust can simply be drizzled with a little bit of flavoured olive oil.


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