Why homework is good for your child

Doing homework has benefits that extend far beyond the classroom. According to researchers from The Hospital for Sick Children, homework widens the gap between low-income families and those who are middle class or higher. Children in homes with Internet access and quiet areas in which to work along with the luxury of a parent that has the time to devote to helping with homework fare far better than children without these benefits. Despite the negative aspects, here are a few reasons why homework matters:

Why homework is good for your child

Character-building skills

With regularly assigned homework, children learn several character-building skills that they will continue to use throughout their lives. Skills such as responsibility, time management, self-discipline and confidence are just a few. The ability to study and learn independently are also necessary skills that will guide them through their education and into meaningful careers.


Homework provides an opportunity for children to review what was learnt in class each day and apply the new concepts as they practice. The ability to review the material without classroom distractions can help the child further engage with the material and encourage them to learn more. Parents can assist their child and monitor what they're learning in school.

All or nothing

Rather than an all-or-nothing approach, researchers tend to agree that some homework is better than none at all. In order for homework to be meaningful, there should be a comfortable balance between the amount of homework assignments and leisure time. Children need to develop research skills, plan for projects and study with meaning in order to be successful throughout their educational careers. Developing strong study skills early on will ensure they are successful when they meet higher educational demands that will require them to learn more independently.

The last word

While the homework debate may continue, there are plenty of merits to the practice of sending work home with children. If there is concern about the quality or quantity of homework your children receive, a conversation with the teacher may be appropriate to voice any concerns. This will help the parent and teacher work together to stay involved in the child's education.

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