Why it's worth visiting a nail bar

December 8, 2014

Are you constantly fighting with your schedule to carve out a moment for yourself? You are certainly not alone. With work, family and that pesky human need for sleep, it can be difficult to fit all the essentials into a day. Luckily for us, nail bars were created to fit into the modern woman’s reality.

What’s in those bottles?

We’d all love to put on a cushy bathrobe and spend a leisurely afternoon being pampered at the beauty spa, but unfortunately those kinds of opportunities are rare for the average woman. Thankfully, with nail bars, the beauty industry has come up with an innovative concept to fill the gap between luxury spas and busy schedules. Clients can saddle up to the bar and lounge on a barstool, but these bars’ bottles contain no drink. Instead, you’ll find a selection of trendy nail polish colours. Nail bars usually offer a full range of services, but the most popular is the express manicure. You can usually walk in without an appointment, meaning you can enjoy a professional polish in less time than it takes your barista to prepare your favorite latte.

Manicure 2.0

In addition to enabling busy women to have their manicures touched up on a regular basis, nail bars are a fun place to be. They tend to be friendly hangouts with a relaxed, sleek atmosphere that’s in fitting with their trendy clientele. Coffee, cold drinks, magazines and Wi-Fi: this is the latest version of the manicure. Nail bars are all about making sure your visit is speedy, pleasant and relaxing. Best of all, the prices for express services in this kind of place are often lower than in salons.

If you find some extra time

Nail bars are not only for women who are running on a tight schedule. Many of these establishments offer more than just quickie services. You can also get artificial nail extensions put on, plus hand soaks and hand massages. Check the bar menu to see the full range of manicures on offer.

Adapt and thrive

The rise of the nail bar phenomenon is an excellent example of the evolution of beauty care in this busy day and age. First seen in the United States, nail bars were quick to catch on in Canada, Europe and Asia. Their growing popularity is proof that they’re meeting a real need.

Why it's worth visiting a nail bar
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