Why mortise locks offer better door security

December 12, 2014

Considering a new lock for your door? Discover how mortise locks can offer a higher level of security.

Why mortise locks offer better door security

If you’re looking to replace the locks and entry sets on the doors around your house, you’re really looking at a choice between mortise and tubular style lock systems. While tubular systems are popular and found in both residential and business applications, you should know why mortise locks offer higher security for doors in both businesses and homes before making your choice.

Going tubular?

Tubular locks gained general popularity because they do not require special tools or training to install, and are therefore seen as a relatively secure, simple entry system. However, it's exactly for these reasons that mortise locks offer a greater level of security.

How do break-ins happen?

The fact is that most home burglaries happen when the strike plate of the door is kicked in or struck with a heavy object. By weakening the lock, or simply smashing through the door around the entry system, burglars are able to access your home.

What is a mortise style lock?

For a mortise style entry system, the door itself is cut to include a pocket where the lock is installed. By placing the lock into this pocket inside the door, you’re creating a secure system that uses the strength of the door (plus the reinforcement of the lock’s construction) to protect it from break-ins.

Should I get a professional installer?

If you’re handy around the house or have access to the equipment you need, you’re probably safe to install your own mortise locks. However, there’s no harm in calling in an expert if you’re looking for absolute piece of mind.

Consider using a professional installer, because:

  • Not all mortise locks are the same, so you require specific measurements for optimum security.
  • Some mortise locks suit interior doors better than others.
  • Different kinds of mortise locks include single or double cylinder, or dummy sets.
  • A professional installer will use specialized tools like a mortise saw to cut into the door.
  • Most installations come with some manner of guarantee.

Securing peace of mind

There really isn’t a price you can put on peace of mind. If you’re looking to access the maximum amount of security you can, you can see why mortise locks offer higher security for doors in your home or your business. While tubular locks are popular, mortise offer more bang for the buck and help protect your valuables more securely.

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