Why to choose a lighted business sign

December 12, 2014

Find out what the benefits of a lighted business sign are and whether or not you should invest in one.

Why to choose a lighted business sign

Types of lighted signs for business

Light boxes are just what they sound like. They're constructed with a box full of lights, and covered with a translucent material - usually plastic - through which the light shines. The advantage of these signs is that they can be used with just about any design you want, as the lights themselves can illuminate any cover. The downside is they can have a bit of a flat, standard look, depending on the actual graphic design and colouring of the sign board itself.

Internally illuminated lettering

Your business' lighted sign can take the form of just lettering, raised up off the front of the business. Each letter can work like a light box sign, illuminating a translucent panel on the front of the letter pieces. Or, alternatively, the letters can be opaque but contain lights that bounce off the wall behind the lettering through a raised gap. This can create an impressive, stylish back-lit effect.

Swan neck signs

One option to light your business sign is to have external swan neck style lights coming off the wall above the sign. So you can have any non-illuminated sign on the wall and the swan necks spotlight it. This can be particularly effective with signs that have a third dimension to them - that is raised lettering or design that creates an effect with the shadows of the swan necks.

External light troughs

Similarly, you can place a light trough around any flat sign to illuminate it from the front. This creates a more modern look than classic swan necks.

Neon signs

Of course, your sign lettering itself can be made of lights. This classic look can have a slightly out-dated feel, but when applied in an interesting and fresh way, can have a cool retro feel that allows for a lot of colour and visibility from a distance.

LED signs

If you want an illuminated sign for your business that can be changed quickly any time, many LED box signs can be programmed to say whatever you want. Generally you're probably not going to use these as your main business sign, but they can be perfect for daily deals, sales, opening hours, or the like.

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